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Instead, he took a clerical position at the Library of Congress and enrolled in night classes to pursue a law degree. Following graduation from George Washington University, Hoover was admitted to the bar and began his career at the U. Department of Justice. The Bureau of Investigation was formed by the Attorney General in to address certain federal laws with an interstate aspect. Hoover served as Assistant Director of the Bureau of Investigation beginning in At that time, the Bureau of Investigation consisted of approximately employees, of whom were Special Agents.

Hoover immediately began to dismiss the political hacks and incompetents and to establish strict rules and regulations for the handling of investigations and personal conduct.

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He also instituted practical training for all employees. Hoover soon consolidated all fingerprint records systems into an Identification Division under his management and in established the Laboratory Division to begin application of scientific principles to law enforcement investigations. The Bureau of Investigation became widely known in the late s and early s for its success against prominent interstate criminals involved with kidnaping, bank robberies, and extortion.

In , Congress passed legislation creating the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and its motto became Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity. To increase the effectiveness of local law enforcement, in , Hoover established the FBI National Academy to train selected personnel from state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the country. President Roosevelt personally delegated to Director Hoover responsibility for espionage and sabotage investigations. The FBI broke up a number of major espionage groups and others bent upon sabotaging the U.

During this time, the FBI established several overseas posts, mainly in South America to assist in these investigations and in intelligence gathering.

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When he wasn't on an adventure he was writing plays or poems about revolution. Hoover joined the cadets and loved conformity, rules and moral values. Later in life Hoover influenced official biographers writing about him. The reader only learned what Hoover wanted you to know. The FBI became Hoover's vision of logic, dedication and order made real. Like one of the Founding Father's who created a Constitution for the nation, Hoover built an agency to protect the country. Men were men and they all knew the rules of the Bureau.

'Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover'

Hoover was married to the federal body which could be one reason why he never had a wife or children. Wherever a weakness was, Hoover saw an advantage and this is what saw the FBI rise to prominence under his direction. Hoover, became obsessed with keeping himself clean. He kept washing his hands and sensed that invisible germs and bugs were all around him and invading his body.

He added filters to his home to 'electrocute' poisons floating in the air. Hoover also had a special toilet seat built which was raised which no germs could reach from the toilet bowl.

Hoover's strategy was to not argue but to create a new story to divert attention and bury the other story. As more rumours spread about J Edgar Hoover he would only find a better way to send the image he wanted to the public. Walter Winchell was the most elite member of the club. He had a table of 50 seats in a private room only for the elite.

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The FBI would leak documents to Hollywood to create heroism and crime does not pay as well as advertisements before the screening of movies. Was an American journalistin New York City. He was the leading personality who also wrote six columns a week about the latest gossip of every flirtation by a public figure or celebrity and every mobster. In he had his own radio broadcast show broadcasted to the nation. Many members of Congress—not to mention powerful local politicians—had ties to organized crime and might try to unseat him if he went after the Mafia. The Mafia was as powerful as the president.

Moreover, as a perfectionist, Hoover did not want to risk losing a case against a powerful figure. For the same reasons, for purposes of prosecution, Hoover would not investigate corrupt politicians. Yet until he was pressured into investigating organized crime, those two targets were sacrosanct. Previously, Anderson had enraged Hoover by assigning a reporter to rummage through his trash at home.

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The resulting column revealed that on Sundays, Hoover ate a hearty breakfast of poached eggs and hotcakes. It also revealed that he brushed his teeth with Ultra Brite, washed with Palmolive, and shaved with Noxzema shaving cream. Yet Hoover rarely revealed his true personal feelings. Sphinx-like, he projected the same persona to his friends and family as he did to the general public. The only difference was that in person, he showed a sense of humor. Occasionally Hoover cracked a smile or played a prank. James H. Moton drove Hoover home at p. By then, she should have heard the sound of the shower.

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He touched one of his hands; it was cold. James L. That was not true, Dr. Luke tells me.

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  4. The bequest to Tolson was the final word on the closeness of their relationship. Hoover preached that even the appearance of impropriety must be avoided. He disciplined agents for losing their handcuffs. They installed a fish pond, equipped with water pump and lights, and they constructed shelves and other conveniences for him. They painted his house, maintained his yard, replaced the sod, installed artificial turf, and planted and moved shrubbery.

    They built a redwood garden fence and installed a flagstone court and sidewalks. Many of the gifts Hoover received from FBI employees, such as cabinets and bars, had been built by them on government time. He pocketed part of the proceeds. Ash, who headed the FBI task force. No question of it.