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There's nothing overblown for dramatic effect, just everyday problems that when allowed to pile up can seem insurmountable. But that leads to some incredible romantic gestures. And make up sex! Was Wes this hard and in charge in Him? I need to reread. For science. The team dynamics is what I loved the most, though. I love the silly locker room antics, pranks, the fact that the guys talk to Wes about his relationship, the fact that they rally around him when Jaime gets sick and that their wives and girlfriends are inclusive too.

It made me feel good. There are even some good moments with Jaime's team. I mean, there's still assiness they have to contend with but by and large with regard to the people that matter, they are supported.

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Plus it made me laugh out loud multiple times. I found it ironic that a dude whose Twitter handle is BearsFourEvr wants to be dropping homophobic slurs. Check yourself. And Blake. I seriously canNOT wait for his book. And to get to know his fireball of a mother! It's probably more like a 4 star read but Blakey gets that extra star. Because Blakey. Sue me.

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View all 4 comments. I know there are readers out there who are hesitant to read this. Are you totally justified? Is there angst?? Is some of it unnecessary? Did it go on for too long? Regardless, the angst is plausible and realistic. So just brace yourself for the most absurd, man-child of a teammate Blake, who takes cockblocking to a whole new level of unbelievable proportions.

Be prepared for a crazy, media frenzy that hardly lets Jamie and Ryan breathe. And know that you'll be driven bonkers b I know there are readers out there who are hesitant to read this. And know that you'll be driven bonkers by the inevitable lack of communication between these two. Having said that, I never once doubted the love that they had for each other.

Sure, they may have doubted the other's feelings, but Ryan and Jamie never, ever wavered in their own conviction that being with each other was the only thing going for them in the midst of their fucked up situation. This was sweet and painful and I wanted to beat the hell out of pretty much every character at some point in the story. Take solace though, that their chemistry was still off the charts, and the smex remained at a high level of yummy goodness.

So despite all that pesky drama, their happy ending was resolved perfectly and left me in a nice puddle of goo. Jamie and Ryan just entered my very exclusive, small pool of favorite couples I hold dear, and for me, that says it all on how I felt about this book.

View all 22 comments. Nov 12, Jenny - TotallybookedBlog rated it it was amazing. I get it now. We loved every single minute of this follow up story to a couple who stole our hearts in Him. Reading it in one sitting we revelled in their relationship struggle, their friendships, their love and of course their passion. Both traveling a road of self-realisation as they adjusted to a life together fraught with obstacles. I understand the world I live in. We actually cried through certain scenes from his past as well as through one poignant moment where he bares all. On paper he may seem like the strong one in the relationship with Jamie but we beg to differ.

Whilst having a record-breaking rookie season and living his dream of playing pro hockey, what ultimately comes first to Ryan is, Jamie. He knows he loves Ryan and his job as a hockey coach yet the strain of hiding the truth of their relationship plays heavily on not only Ryan but Jamie, too. Jamie has to face many demons as well as a huge setback which puts an increasing weight on a relationship destined to be threatened by the media as well as those surrounding them.

But now I know how much pain it hides. It was right there the whole time, too.

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Honest and beautiful. Funny and gorgeously sweet. It brings the added passionate spice, wrapping these boys up in a deliciously funny and sexy man-blanket. View 2 comments. Apr 15, Karla rated it it was amazing. Sharing a place and both doing what they love with Wes playing hockey and Jamie coaching.

I enjoyed the angst these two put me through definitely had my emotions all over the place. The bumps they both faced had me a bit worried but I knew they would pull through. But e 4. But even when I was frustrated I also understood their problems being in a new relationship is hard enough. You add to that being in the spotlight it definitely makes it harder to handle. Regardless of all the doubts and miscommunication between them they both learned from their mistakes.

I was so happy to see all the support they had, especially from an annoying neighbor. Oh man, Blake! View all 31 comments. I was sort of disappointed in the story my fault - see review below and 2. I am not a big fan of dual narration and getting multiple narrator character voices for the same character. However, I had bought this and it was sitting in my audio library mocking me, and I didn't have anything else to listen to that was grabbing my attention so I thought, "Why not?

I'm glad I did because I really enjoyed the narration. It didn't change the way I felt about the story overall, but I did have a good time listening. Not so the case. Not only is Wes firmly in the closet to his teammates and the world at large, but he's dragged poor Jamie into the closet with him. Jamie is not introduced as the love of Wes's life, as his partner , but rather his "roommate", and Wes is determined to keep his orientation and his relationship with Jamie under wraps until after his rookie season so the media doesn't make everything about his sex life, but focuses on his playing.

And his playing is fantastic! He's having the kind of rookie year hockey players dream about and pray for.

Professionally, things couldn't be looking better. But the pressure is ever present and the extended time away from Jamie is starting to chafe. Jamie, on the other hand, is having a hard time having moved to a different country and climate than what he's used to, being without his close knit family around, being alone most of the time as Wes is constantly on the road, and having to hide their relationship when Wes is home like Jamie is a dirty little secret that no one can know of by keeping their relationship entirely within the walls of their apartment, and to top it off, Jamie begins having a hard time at his job when another coach displays a seriously bigoted and racist attitude.

All of this wouldn't be so hard except neither Jamie, nor Wes, is communicating with each other about what's happening in their lives. They're basically just trying to get through the next few months of Wes's rookie season with the hope that it will all soon be over and they can stop hiding. But they aren't really talking to each other, and it's taking a real toll on their relationship.

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But you know the truth always comes out, and when it does it creates even more tension between the two. Personally, I was frustrated by the first three-quarters of the story. Well, frustrated might be generous, to tell the truth I was pissed. I felt like all the good, happy, warm feelings I had from HIM were washed away in this ocean of doubt, miscommunication, and unnecessary angst. It was only the final quarter of the story that got the boys back on track and got me back to my happy place.

And all of that is completely my own fault. That's not the book's fault. It's mine. The reality of this story is it's really about a new relationship and a learning curve.