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In response to the campaign, a European Commission spokesperson told Sky News: "The idea behind our copyright proposals is that people should be able to make a living from their creative ideas. Watch Live.

Memes 'will be banned' under new EU copyright law, warn campaigners. Fill 2 Copy 11 Created with Sketch. Saturday 9 June , UK. European Union. Comment Options: Use markdown. Use plain text. Join the Insider Chat. This feature is only available to registered users. Register or sign in to use it.

Techdirt is off for the long weekend! We'll be back with our regular posts on Monday. Sign In Register Preferences. Fri, Nov 9th pm — Mike Masnick. If you liked this post, you may also be interested in Anonymous Coward , 9 Nov pm.


Considering the damage he caused, I'm guessing he's pretty happy to only get probation, regardless of the conditions on it. No internet, as unpleasant as that might be, is still better than jail time. That Anonymous Coward profile , 10 Nov am. That the state of online security is so poor that a 15 yr old can cut through it like butter needs to be hidden away from public view?

Some kids were smarter than paid professionals, and the response is to demonize the kid and not the inherently sad state of online security.

Major Internet Platforms Ban Alex Jones

Cyber Pearl Habor and stories about secret hacking of stuff The eejit profile , 10 Nov am. I'm actually surprised they didn't try and sign him up for their IT departments. Or will they once his skills have rusted. They are blocking his access to online, not his access to people. He can still work on his social engineering skills. Anonymous Coward , 10 Nov am.

He is prohibited from having contact with any members or associates of UG Nazi or Anonymous, along with a specified list of other individuals. Well, mostly not people, right? Just these people Two separate issues. Just because I put a weak lock on my front door doesn't make the burglar any less culpable for breaking into my house and stealing my stuff. This little shit needs to be 'demonized', if that's what you want to call punishing a criminal for crime.

Having said that, I've never been a fan of ridiculously overbroad parole conditions. I'd like to know how the court defined 'the internet' in his parole terms, because, as Mike pointed out, it's nearly impossible to avoid using the internet these days. The elevator in my office building works over an internet connection. Would this kid be violating his parole if he used it? Tex Arcana profile , 13 Nov pm. Yeah, that makes sense.

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You and logic aren't even passing acquaintances, are you? The kid committed a felony. The kid got caught. Anonymous Coward , 10 Nov pm. Until he realizes what that really means, than he will not be so happy he accepted that.

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Basically people told him to not use his legs until his 21th birthday, he will need those legs at some point and he will break the law again for using them. This is the kind of ruling that eventually leads to backlash and creation of new laws forbidding law enforcement from doing exactly that kind of thing. Now he must ask for permission to look for work how great. Good thing the courts are looking to a future generation of homeless and jobless. Banning people from the internet is not silly at all is it? Libby , 10 Nov pm. Not only that a couple of years a go I heard stuff floating around Albany that in NY state tax returns would be online filing only.

I believe filing for unemployment in NY is online only. Is he supposed to be assigned a guardian for necessary or mandated access? Does this mean that he must turn over his debit card PIN as it is a "password" to an online account?

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Also, I suppose he can't use a bank ATM without prior permission. One caveat that I did see was the lifting of these restrictions for "education-related" uses.

This is Max.

This could apply to pretty much everything. IronM sk , 9 Nov pm. How do you even enforce that? So he gets another computer and uses a Wi-Fi connection that can't be monitored, or even connected to him, and creates some new logins. You don't restrain people like this. You hire them. Tex Arcana profile , 12 Nov am.

These guys are idiots if they think they can keep him offline without duct-taping him to a tree in the middle of field miles away from any kind of wires. Rekrul , 9 Nov pm. He should have known better!

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Only the US government is allowed to screw with web sites! Not an Electronic Rodent profile , 10 Nov am. Ah, I think I see your mistake Apparently the notion of right and wrong got lost in his upbringing. This article acts like internet access is a constitutional right or a life essential act like breathing. It is not. As part of the terms of a plea bargain, "Cosmo" agreed to certain conditions that kept him out of prison.

If he fails to abide by those conditions, there's a pretty good chance he will end up in the place he wanted to avoid. The choice is his. No one is denying "Cosmo" access to the internet.

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He has voluntarily agreed to forgo it for a period of time to keep his freedom. The internet and public roads have some basic concepts in common. They are public thoroughfares and the average citizen should have a right to be able to navigate them responsibly and without molestation. He saw a busy thoroughfare with potential victims and took advantage of that. Now he has to pay for that abuse.

Do You Think End-to-End Encryption Should Be Banned?

He agreed not to use the internet so he could stay out of prison. He is not a saint or a martyr. This article isn't defending cosmo, as you seem to have misunderstood. It's a critique of the punishment, which seems incredibly extreme in this day and age. Without the internet, he's going to suffer a lot more than missing out on Twitter and YouTube.