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Rose Two years out of college, Angelica Bondesan spends her time working as a barista, keeping in touch with her prodigal brother, and trying to figure out how to bridge the gap with her father, a wealthy real estate developer. His Grandfather's Watch. I was hoping you could tell me something about it. Earlier edition released in No additional content has been added Ozzie was raised by a single mom. While he's putting himself through school by working in the library, he's also tutoring for cash.

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He wants the man himself. The only problem—convincing the powerful wizard that they were meant to be together. When outside forces threaten to tear them apart, it will take their combined skills to defeat the e Tunes of the Heart. Lured to Los Angeles on dreams of wealth and fame, Lillian and Damien dropped out of school, sold everything they owned, and made the move to Los Angeles. Unfortunately for the couple, there are thousands of other singing duos in Los Angeles, all wanting their chance at fame.

Just as Lillian and Damien begin to lose hope, they receive an invitation to perform at an exclusive club in Beverly Hills.

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Beating the Odds. Rising from the Dust.

Bat Boy: Gay Baseball Romance. George Danson is a lonely barman who takes on a second job as a batboy to make ends meet. He sees his old friend and first love, Eric Stratford, who has hit the big-time as Major League Baseball player.

Eric is a perfectionist, uptight, and in the closet. George tries to talk to Eric, only to be met by a wall of celebrity ego. The other players bully obviously gay George and Eric ignores him completely. This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA and the book contains language, situations, or images appropriate for readers over 18 years of age only!

His First Christmas. Running from an abusive alpha, terrified, and abandoned in the middle of a snowstorm, Bo Rawlings goes into premature labor.

Brothers in Arms: Sexuality, Men and Intimacies in the Great War | Nottingham Lakeside Arts

Desperate to try and save the life of his unborn child, he makes one last attempt to get to the omega clinic, but his old car has other ideas. Gabe Johnson, exhausted from being on call as a veterinarian and depressed at the thought of another lonely Christmas, nearly gets run off the road by a driver who loses control of his car. When he finds that the driver is actually a young omega about to give birth all his protective instincts rush in and as he battles frantically to save their lives, he realizes all he wants is to take the little family home and claim them for his own.

Gabe gave up on the holidays a long time While exploring the attic one day, Jordan and his boyfriend Bennie come across a trunk full of their old Halloween costumes. But they also find a strange old key, and a door that couldn't possibly lead anywhere The protagonist is a big cheese star son abducted for ransom. Instead of shelling down the money, his father intimates the police.

The criminal mafia has its own way of avenging this degree turn. This, among other things, entails turning him into a girl. Will he be able to endure the series of degree turns done by the mafia, his lover, the society, and most shocking of all, by his own body? Each story is independent and is about "Hijra" which means neither men nor women.

Spell of an Omega: an mpreg shifter romance Riverrun Alphas Book 3. After turning into a wolf on his twenty-seventh birthday, schoolteacher Matt learns that he's not Matt at all, but Max Grayback, the long-lost son of transportation tycoon and pack alpha Garland Grayback. Now, he's on his way up to Riverrun, Washington, to learn more about who he really is -- and he's about to walk in the middle of a pack rivalry on the verge of becoming an all-out war.

Jesse Forrester will do anything to forget his latest heartbreak. So when he gets a call for help from fellow alpha Kaden Daniels, he's ready to ride his Harley north to Riverrun and provide backup for the Black Paws.


On his way there, he strikes an unexpected friendship with a stranded motorist named Matt, whose real name is Max Grayback, son of the Black Paws' bitter rival and therefore, an enemy. Matt is b Summer Blue The Complete Trilogy. Lucas Gale has always been a hard worker, and keeping a business afloat is no easy matter. Or will it lead to something far more interesting? When the army is called upon to investigate the strange object that crashed to Earth, special ops solider Luke is only too happy to volunteer.

Gin, the future king of an alien planet, spots something in Luke he wants, and royalty always gets what it wants. But can Luke help Gin and his crew get home before the Army blows them up? When Romeo finds out, he is completely against the idea and rejects any outside help, but when his family threatens to expose his secret, Romeo is forced to act. Arissa Suarez, owner of Tidier Homes, Inc. Her own mother was a hoarder and the experience compelled Arissa to start her own company to help those who want to clean and organize their homes.

As a relationship between the two develops, Arissa kno DailyFreeBooks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon. Marshal Brad Fleming said in an interview. Based on material found in the Pennwood cabin, the Marshals were alerted to the Hilton Boca Raton Suites, a banal upscale setting where the pair of fugitives had remained hidden since May 30, Marshals prepared to descend on the hotel.

Thompson was a brilliant mind and incredible strategist, but he was not suited for life on the run. One of the last times anyone had seen him, it was a worrisome sight: Thompson was in the backyard of a house he was renting, yelling into his phone in his underwear. Think more along the lines of Dilbert in charge of the operation. But what had to be one of the most intense disappointments in the saga, for Thompson, was the fact that the excavation of the Central America would carry on without him.

Kane in turn contracted a company called Odyssey Marine Exploration to finish the recovery of the Central America. The goal was to bring the rest of the gold to the surface and ensure that the investors got paid.

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Thompson has significant holdings in the U. If there are dollars that he is hiding, I want every penny of it. The renewed excavation launched in April , with U. Marshals putting a wanted poster of Thompson aboard the ship in case he attempted to rejoin the mission. The operation was quite successful, bringing up more than 45 gold bars, 15, coins, and hundreds of artifacts over the course of numerous dives, including a pair of glasses, a pistol, and a safe filled with packages.

The sale of the gold was once again undertaken by the California Gold Marketing Group. O n January 27, , Thompson, then 62, was pale and sickly as he sat in his room in the Hilton Suites in Boca Raton, his body racked with the paranoid tics of a man on the run. She took almost comically cinematic precautions when appearing in public, wearing big floppy hats and taking a succession of buses and taxis to lose anyone who might be on her tail. The hunt was led by an intimidating and extremely direct U.

Brothers in Arms (Gay Military Erotica) (Battle for Love: 1)

Marshal named Mike Stroh. He had been involved in manhunts all over the country, but the mission to find Thompson had special resonance with him as a professional person-finder. After seven hours of following her, Marshals crashed their way into the hotel and surprised the two, screaming at them not to move. The Marshals would ultimately cart away 75 boxes of evidence from the room, but they came up empty-handed in one aspect of their quest. Investigators found boxes in the Gracewood mansion that looked a lot like those that had held the restrike coins, but the gold itself was nowhere to be found.

Thompson tried to fight the extradition.

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Marshal Brad Fleming said Thompson was chatty as they made the journey back, perhaps relieved that he no longer had to hide. Both pleaded guilty to criminal contempt. T he capture of Tommy Thompson made for a fairly pedestrian end to a story that had captivated Columbus for years. Other associates were wistful about the turn of events. But the notion that not even a brilliant mind could resist running off with gold was too salacious not to report, and the allegations of thievery became the dominant narrative.

It was an unfortunate bookend to the legacy of someone who had long maintained that the historical and scientific aspects of the recovery were the most important point of the mission. Gold ingots, pokes, dust and nuggets, all part of the exhibition showing the recovered treasure from the S.