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Moses Overstreet, who owned the land around the tree and donated it to the county in for use as a park. The Seminole Tribe of Florida used the tall cypress as a landmark, and in the s sightseers paid for buggy rides through the swamp, then hopped a series of logs to make it to the tree.

Its crown was damaged and size reduced by a hurricane. Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Subscribe Log in Log out.

The Globe theatre fire of 1613: when Shakespeare’s playhouse burned down

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The Amazon Is Burning at a Record Rate, And The Devastation Can Be Seen From Space

By Daniel Figueroa IV. Published Oct.

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The wake from their boat and equipment apparently dislodged a dead man from a tree. You guessed it. He stabbed her. He made bail.

Amazon fires: what is happening and is there anything we can do?

Then he killed her, St. Pete police say. Crystal McMichael from the University of Amsterdam was involved in a study that used remote sensing to measure the water content of the canopy in different parts of the Amazon. Instead, trees on those sites had less green canopy and lower water content , especially in drought years.

They also had slightly smaller trees and less tree cover. But when you go out and start clearing, once you get sunlight you get drying and warmer temperatures. The Amazon did not evolve to burn, but for centuries, fire has been used to clear space in the rainforest for agricultural crops, from soybeans to palm to cattle.

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Deforestation often leads to fire. In Brazil—which controls the majority of the vast forest—regulations were put into place over a decade ago to curb the expanse of deforestation, but these rules have been loosened by the new Brazilian administration, and consequently fires are spiking. In new measures were put in place to further protect the forest. The new administration has actively encouraged more agricultural activity and development and has greatly reduced enforcement of illegal deforestation within the Amazon. The knowledge has implications for modern fire management—and the insights of paleoecology could potentially be used to inform how, when, and where burning is allowed in the Amazon. In the drier, human-altered forests, that could actually have exacerbated the problem, Maezumi says.

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These flammable forests—making up perhaps three percent of the Amazon—could therefore act as catalysts for wildfires, Maezumi suggests, enabling them to spread into neighboring old-growth stands. We could identify the areas that are the most vulnerable, like these forests that were managed by pre-Columbian peoples, and target them as high-risk zones. Humans might have burned some parts of the Amazon for thousands of years, but the fire records analyzed so far indicate that the scale of forest disturbance in the 21 st century is probably unprecedented.

Read Caption. Ancient farmers burned the Amazon, but today's fires are very different Parts of the Amazon are more prone to fire today because farmers thousands of years ago regularly set the undercarriage alight. By Kate Evans. Counting the Amazon Fires.