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Carry spare fuses according to the requirements. None of these safely items may be missing or broken. Locate the fifth wheel area and inspect it along with the catwalk area behind the cab.

The fifth wheel's locking jaws, platform, release arm, locking pins and bolts that mount it must be in place securely, and free from any welds. If a trailer is hooked, check that the jaws properly engage. The air hoses and electric line must be free from cracks, splits or leaks, and must be free from any rubbing against other parts of the vehicle.

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Watch for holes or loose material on the front of the trailer walls or rails and header board. Check the trailers registration in the bill box located on the nose of the trailer, as well as its annual inspection sticker to assure that it is not expired. Glance up and down the entire length of the vehicle checking all lights are operating or flashing properly. Forward and side facing lights should only be amber in color and rear-facing lights must be red in color.

Open the trailer doors and check its contents are secure. The doors must also close tightly and securely with latches. Push on the ICC bar with foot to check that it is not loose and inspect for loose, missing, cracked or broken nuts or bolts. Find the marker lights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals and assure that all properly light up or flash. Repeat inspection techniques on entire length of the right side of the vehicle as done on the left side. See that all lights are properly working, and look at the exterior body parts to see that no parts are loose or missing.

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Press clutch pedal to ensure one and a half to two inches of free travel and see that the steering has no more than two inches of play on a standard inch steering wheel. Start the engine with gearshift in neutral and watch for proper gauge operation, including the oil pressure, water temperature, air pressure and voltmeter. Honk the city and air horn to check good operation, as well as the wipers and heater and defroster.

All must be in proper working order.

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Perform all required brake checks including, hold down, pump down, trailer tug and tractor service brake roll-ahead test. Always perform a CDL pre-trip inspection in the same order every time so you don't miss any steps. Schaumburg Rd. Get your Commercial Driver's License and start earning money.

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Exhaust system. Front and side of truck. Please let us know your phone number. Please let us know your email address.

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