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IFTN spoke with both actors about their performance in the feature which goes on nationwide release Friday, February 25th. Feb 24, Jan 27, Jan 18, Jan 17, The new series, which shot in Ireland, has just started its broadcast on ITV and airs at 7pm Saturdays. Jan 13, Jan 11, Dec 23, The panel discussion event is part of a three day Music for TV and Film event being held on the historic campus.

Dec 9, Dec 6, The DVD, which has subtitles in Irish, English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese, is a darkly-humorous tale of an intense jealousy and hatred between two sisters which worsens with age and continues into the afterlife. Nov 25, Nov 15, Nov 12, Nov 3, Oct 28, Oct 11, Much loved amongst his friends and colleagues within the Irish film and television industry, the two time IFTA nominee suffered a sudden heart attack on Sunday night.

Sep 20, Sep 17, Sep 3, Aug 30, Aug 20, Last year a peak of , viewers tuned in to see Charmaine Kenny crowned as the 51st Rose of Tralee. Aug 19, Aug 12, Jul 29, Peter Ivanovitch changed the position of the table to the wall because at first I could not help raising my eyes to look out of the window, while waiting for him to go on with his dictation. That was not allowed.

He said I stared so stupidly. I was likewise not permitted to look at him over my shoulder. Consequently, the dictated division of speech and writing also structures a sexual difference. I made my way here for action. Yes, as a threatened man may look fearfully at his own face in the glass, formulating to himself reassuring excuses for his appearance marked by the taint of some insidious hereditary disease.

A portent! But I have no art, and not having invented Madame de S—. Anything resembling me? A vain thing. There are phantoms of the living as well as of the dead. It was not a woman, then? And why this conclusion? Why should I not be able to hate a woman? But for Razumov here, repressing his terror only exacerbates it.

Attempting to control his feelings by making Madame de S— all the more Other to him only increases the tangible force of her difference. But whereas for Kant this presentation was still resolutely imaginary and subjective, for Razumov, the images he is presented with are composites of subjectivity and objectivity; distinct bodies of sensation irreducible to the perceiver or perceived.

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This is their spectrality. In The Secret Agent, phantasmal transferences of energy were relatively anonymous and general, even though it affected characters individually. Only is haunted? The thoughts had become corporeal on their own account, were ghosts, such as God, emperor, fatherland, etc. Having been suffering from impecuniousness and general stress while composing the novel, on submitting the typed but uncorrected manuscript to his publisher he promptly had a nervous breakdown. Whereas The Secret Agent focused more on the impact of violence and its politicization, Under Western Eyes is clearly more concerned with how the effects of terror can be figured and fought—although in neither of the novels is there a simple separation of the two.

Through such divisions, structural aetiologies of terrorism have been presented in order to etiolate its socio-political impact, and also to enforce a distanced empiricism.

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The efficacy of such separations is what Under Western Eyes explores at length through the reactions of Razumov and the narrator. I trust that an unbecoming jealousy of my privileged position had nothing to do with it. Removed by the difference of age and nationality as if into the sphere of another existence, I produced, even upon myself, the effect of a dumb and helpless ghost, of an anxious immaterial thing that could only hover about without the power to protect or guide by as much as a whisper. Consequently, the only way he can maintain an insight into the situation is by embodying a quasi-relation and quasi-reality of ghostliness.

By the end of the novel, the spectral also occasions a new vision of enlightenment for Razumov. His last action is to reveal his identity to the revolutionaries, for which he is deafened by the terrorist Nikita. Stumbling along the street afterwards, he is then run over by a tram and crippled.

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The most trustful eyes in the world—your brother said of you when he was as well as a dead man already. And when you stood before me with your hand extended, I remembered the very sound of his voice, and I looked into your eyes—and that was enough. But this purity is problematic, for it has already been exchanged into a memory of Haldin. In Under Western Eyes, though, the spectre as an aesthetic Idea combines complex interactions between subjects as a single dynamic figure.

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It does not simply offer an abstract conception or image of how, for example, objects and subjects, violence and terror, past and present relate; rather, it incorporates these relations. Together with The Secret Agent, Conrad thus uses terrorism as a subject with which to explore the relation of literature to transformations of force more generally. In each case, his figuration of a novel, cultural complex arises from producing a dialogism of issues that feeds the force of literature itself.

In the early part of the twentieth century, though, the movement which advocated violence most ardently was undoubtedly Italian Futurism, led by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. Alone the infinitive can provide a sense of the continuity of life. Flint and Arthur A. Dream and Desire, which are empty words today, will master and reign over space and time. Aestheticism, he argues, becomes a distinct entity only with the development of bourgeois life. But the schism of praxis and aesthetics he outlines is ambivalent.

The resulting autonomy endows it with a distinct agency. The avant-garde work cannot form its own 11 Ibid.

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The same conclusion is drawn by several other critics. In Japan they carry on the strangest of trades: the sale of coal made from human bones. All their powderworks are engaged in producing a new explosive substance more lethal than any yet known. For this reason countless Japanese merchants are exploring the corpse-stuffed Manchurian battlefields. My friends, let us applaud this noble example of synthetic violence. Rupture and catastrophe are already commodified, incorporated into the movements of corporations.

By this he means that the manifesto is attempting to precipitate what it is declaring. So rather than being subsumed into the process in general, the iteration of the manifesto presents its own agency. Its particular form of totalitarianism might be understood as an immanentism, an absolutism, in which the conflation of signifier and signified, the conflation of power and its representation has been completed.

Yet the issue of whether it is possible to produce a politics of dissent when harnessing aesthetic practice to mass modernization remains. Is there an alternative position? Two questions need to be raised in response to this. First: to what extent was capitalism in this period a hegemonic system overdetermining socio-political reproduction?

And second: can the avantgardism of this period be characterized as having general, structural tendencies that are common to the various movements? These issues are ones that the writer and artist Wyndham Lewis can be seen as having explored from within the ranks of the avantgarde at the time. In the course of its short life, Blast brought together an international cast of writers and artists, including Jessica Dismorr, Jacob Epstein, T.

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  • Rather than fold the individual into the masses, Lewis calls for a suspension of relations between the socius and its members. The first is a sustained critique of liberal democracy and other forms of state governance, in which Marinetti, among a host of others, is lambasted for being a capitalist puppet.

    If one is a true revolutionary, states Lewis, A propagandist of the vulgarest capitalism, such as Marinetti was or is, will in consequence not please you much. I was the editor. Hulme makes between geometric and vitalist art, respectively. Against this figure, Lewis calls for the development of artistic techniques that might resist the technologization: the identity of philosophy or of speculative thought with politics is largely owing to the fact that both depend more and more absolutely upon machines of greater and greater precision, on machines so wonderfully complex and powerful that they usurp to a great extent the functions of independent life.

    In Blast, for example, there are a number of instances where the purported distinctions between Vorticism and Futurism appear blurred; the manifesto is its main form of assertive militancy, and the experiments with typography and mise-enpage are strikingly similar, as is the occasional alignment of textual militancy with physical violence. In The Art of Being Ruled, though, Lewis advocates a violence of ideas which he contrasts with physical violence.

    A quotation from the French Syndicalist writer Georges Sorel is offered as an authoritative precedent: Historians attach an exaggerated importance to the acts of violence. The description of these events relieves them of the necessity for seeking out the causes of the change that has occurred. What is really essential is the transformation occurring in the ideas of the community.

    There is, he writes, a great resemblance between the electoral democracy and the Stock Exchange; in one case as in the other it is necessary to work upon the simplicity of the masses, to buy the cooperation of the most important papers, and to assist chance by infinite trickery.

    The Outcasts: Self-Conscious Over You

    But this is not to say that Syndicalists did not also adopt more blatantly combative methods. One of the results of this incendiarism was that Syndicalist activism was seen by some as amounting to terrorism. For many Syndicalists, though, violence was rather an adjunct to the more primary work of the strike as radical inaction. Withdrawal, for Sorel, in no way signifies a move into abstraction or a mere metaphorizing of agency. When he uses imagery of battle and revolution it is because the anti- activity of the strike is asserted to be the most potent means of interfering with state power.

    Attacking the democratic system through non-participation, the strike presents a form of disruption that resists assimilation by capitalism or the state. In parallel with actual labour strikes, which enable the proletariat to maintain a separate autonomy, the myth is accorded its own inexhaustible energy: The myth must be judged as a means of acting on the present; any attempt to discuss how far it can be taken literally as future history is devoid of sense.