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Work with us Let us know your requirements and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. After receiving this order, radio contact with everyone was lost for the 1st platoon. Little activity took place during the next 20 minutes, except for light enemy Mortar fire falling around the area to our rear and in the vicinity of La Casona. Our own supporting fires continued to fall on the crest of Monte delle Formiche around the church and to the left of Ca del Monte. Plans for the attack on Ca del Monte were begun by the 1st platoon leader. Some of the prisoners, when questioned, revealed that the Ca del Monte ridge was held by one reinforced company of Infantry.

It was decided that Maceratoia could not be left undefended as the 19 prisoners were still there and the 2d platoon of Easy Company had not yet arrived. Ten men of the platoon were to remain in Maceratoia, the remaining 8, plus the platoon leader, were to move forward for Ca del Monte.

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The route of advance was along a trail from Maceratoia to Ca del Monte. The patrol moved slowly, stayed close to the sides of the cliffs and took advantage of the little cover and concealment that existed. Ca del Monte appeared to be deserted.

No activity was seen nor heard. Hopes began to rise that the town was unoccupied because of the heavy shelling it had taken.

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When the group arrived at a point within 50 yards of the first building, they split into two separate parties, one consisting of 4 men and the other of 5. The 5 man group dashed into building no. The platoon leader took up a position from which he could control both groups see X on sketch no. It soon became evident that the enemy was unaware that an attacking force was in his immediate area, also, he did not know Maceratoia was no longer occupied by his troops.

The men who had taken building no. One man of the group hurried the prisoners back to the reserved cell in Maceratoia. No sooner had he left when all hell broke loose in Ca del Monte.

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The enemy had finally realized the presence of our troops and immediately began attacking the small group from 3 directions; both flanks and frontally. It appeared as if machine gun fire was coming from everywhere as the foe closed in to take the invaders. Defensive positions were taken up and fire was returned to the enemy; but the force was overwhelming. Little could be done to stop them. The 4 men in building no. They continued to return fire to the enemy from the doors and windows until the enemy forced them to surrender.

One of the men, Pfc Richard J.

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Kerrigan of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was shot through the right shoulder. He came charging out of the house screaming, throwing his rifle, helmet, and cartridge belt to the ground, then made a mad dash for Maceratoia. Apparently the enemy was paralyzed by this action, as not a shot was fired at the fleeing, wounded soldier. The platoon leader, realizing that it was impossible to take Ca del Monte with the number of men on hand, called for his men to make a break for Maceratoia, 4 men were able to get back, artillery and mortar fire now began to fall over the entire forward slopes of the mountain. Maceratoia was mortared and strafed with machine gun fire from positions atop the mountain and from the left flank. The 2nd platoon had been following the drainage ditch and did have some cover; however, the 3rd platoon was caught out on the open terrain, completely exposed and tried desperately to dig in where they hit the hard ground.

Every move they made could be clearly observed from Maceratoia, as well as by the enemy in Ca del Monte. New orders were received by the 1st platoon to hold Maceratoia at all cost and the remainder of Easy Company and George Company was to close in that night on the area under cover of darkness. There was no alternative for the 1st platoon; they had to hold Maceratoia as withdrawing was impossible. As the shelling continued, the prisoners became restless.

One of our wounded men sat guard at the bolted door and the remaining 14 men of the platoon took defensive positions within the buildings of the town. Although the buildings were badly battered, they did give ample protection from enemy fire. During the remaining daylight hours the platoon was busy spotting enemy gun positions. They detected at this time the caves on the left flank and below Ca del Monte. This information was sent back and direct tank fire was brought to bear upon them.

Immediately after darkness, all of Easy and George Companies closed into Maceratoia, and the best possible means of defense was set up. At hours that night, the 2d and 3d platoons of Easy Company again attacked Ca del Monte, A hard fire-fight developed as the enemy stubbornly defended his positions and little progress was made. The platoons became disorganized and again the attack failed. Every man was completely exhausted by the fighting, but Easy Company again closed in on the area around Maceratoia to set up a semi-perimeter defense.

The two companies dug in well around the town.

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Easy Company had two platoons dug in forward and to the left of Maceratoia, with the support platoon in position to the left rear of the two forward platoons. George Company occupied the buildings and one platoon dug in to the right of the town. Fox Company was in reserve taking up positions in the ravine south of Maceratoia.

That night a new plan was made to attack over the mountain before daylight, 11 October, with the two leading companies abreast.

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Fox Company was to move forward and occupy Maceratoia upon the departure of Easy and George companies. Easy Company was given the mission of taking Ca del Monte, to clear the enemy from Ca del Monte ridge and to hold until further orders. George Company was to take the church, cemetery, the crest of the mountain , and to continue the attack. The 1st Battalion was to attack simultaneously with the 2nd Battalion. It was to push to the right of Monte delle Formiche, clearing the enemy from the right slopes of the mountain and the valley below.