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God's Not Dead (and Neither Are We)

Return to Book Page. While bands such as Switchfoot and Jars of Clay are household names, the artists who paved the way for their success by first introducing modern rock to Christian music are all but forgotten by the very industry they created. Now, they are telling their story from the beginning to the present day, with additional updates bringing the content into from its original While bands such as Switchfoot and Jars of Clay are household names, the artists who paved the way for their success by first introducing modern rock to Christian music are all but forgotten by the very industry they created.

Now, they are telling their story from the beginning to the present day, with additional updates bringing the content into from its original release. This book isn't about where are they now, but who are they now as with frank and sometimes shocking openness the ones who went before talk about their lives and times Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Other Editions 1.

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Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The Dentes are most definitely in the latter camp. Melodies are pure and comforting, backed with inventive structures and arrangement. A Little Light Left makes no apologies for being warm and approachable without pandering to the lowest common pop denominator.

Lyrically, A Little Light Left addresses the concerns of middle age as seen through the eyes of faith. On all fronts, A Little Light Left is a superb album. It touches heart, mind, and soul without heavy-handedness or cheap emotional manipulation.

The album gracefully, skillfully reassures its listeners that they are not alone in simultaneously enjoying the passing days and wishing that somehow once in a while time would remain fixed at a single moment of joy. And for the record, the Dentes are still a ridiculously good looking couple making equally ridiculously great music. Chronicles quartet of albums, available on its Bandcamp site. Any reason to talk about Daniel Amos is worth seizing, but this news makes it all the easier to discuss this brilliant outing that still speaks with power thirty-three years after its release. This makes some of the references dated, but the bite is clear even to those who have no memory of The PTL Club and variations thereof.

In this part of my ongoing interview with Kemper Crabb, minister, usician, and author of Liberation Front: Resurrecting the Church , discusses how speaking the truth and speaking in love are not incompatible. Actually, the two are essential. The book is not an easy read, which as you stated in it is the intention. It is designed to shake up the reader.

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Yet the book also inspires, pointing out the living riches promised the believer who acts upon the Scriptural dictates you highlight. In some ways, these two categories are just two sides of the same thing seen from slightly different perspectives. Context, of course, is always important though many of us are not used to seeing Scriptural passages in context because the largely topical approach of consumer-oriented methods generally cherry-picks passages to emphasize a particular point.

All of this, of course, seems very dire and downer-ish, and in many ways it is. We are not to be confused as to what our ultimate source and reason for being is, and our families are only our proximate sources and secondary reasons for being. If we confuse the ultimate and the proximate here even here, where our families are generally massively central and important to us , we commit idolatry; we make our family members idols. This was especially true in New Testament times as it still is in more traditional societies where familial loyalty is seen as THE primary loyalty. But, as Jesus teaches here, we cannot put those loves or loyalties, good as they may be in most cases, above our love and loyalty to Jesus.

To do so is to deny Him, and to in turn be denied His Loyalty before the Father. This is a dire situation because we live, outside of a primary relationship with Christ, under the Condemnation and Wrath of God, as Jesus tells us in John 3, verses and in verse Worse, to end life outside of a relationship with Christ causes you to be condemned to an eternity of torment separated from the Goodness of God in Hell Revelation A dire situation indeed.

When Jesus says to take up our cross and follow Him, He is demanding that we do as He did: put aside our preferences and wishes and do instead what we are intended by God to do in the first place: His Desires, Intentions, and Plans, just as Jesus did by going to the Cross to die as a sacrifice for our sins Philippians ; Matthew Further, the Command to take up our cross reminds us that the only way we can be free of our darkened, futile selves is to be joined by faith to the Sacrifice of Christ for us on the Cross Romans ; Colossians Life outside of a relationship with the Lord Jesus is living death and onerous struggle and darkened futility.

By contrast, life in relationship to Christ is unbelievably better. For My Yoke is easy and My Burden is light. This would also likely have been a liberating concept to those Jews who were attempting to earn their salvation by keeping the Law, which to make the situation even worse if possible they tended to confuse with the traditions of men, as Mark illustrates. This, again, shows the Compassion and Love of God.

'God's Not Dead' Isn't Going Away, and Neither Are Faith-Based Films

To my mind, these two poles, exhortation or warning and comfort, are better understood as truth and love. And, in some ways, these poles interpenetrate each other. This is the responsibility and privilege of every believer. Every believer has this challenge. My responsibility is to be an example to others 2 Thessalonians ; 1 Timothy , and though I all too frequently fail at this task, I do make it a subject of present concern to myself to do so, and to keep the Example of Jesus in my mind, praying that the Holy Spirit will help me be the example I ought to be.

Love demands, however, that truth be spoken, or risk that for the sake of avoiding some hurt feelings someone perish forever or fail to be as free in Christ as they could be. There have been periods of time when the truth was callously laid out with no regard for the affective aspects of mankind.

Our present situation is an overreaction to one of those periods. The support network was crumbling, and the future was decidedly uncertain. Enter Invisible Man. Purely experimental, it is a notebook of thoughts and ideas I had at the time.

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All guitar parts were played though a tiny Rockman preamp. The drums, keyboards and bass were all programmed with midi. The only tracks recorded onto tape were the vocals, guitars and saxophone. This is why the album sounds more like a demo than a studio album. The album is unmistakably 80s flavored with its synthesizer riffs and drum machine, yet the sparse sound and rough edges provided by not being a polished product rescue the album from being a machine music outing typical of the time period and today, for that matter. His gift for hooks and melody shines throughout.

Lyrically, Invisible Man is aimed more at discipling believers than evangelistic outreach. The album is far more Keith Green than kid gloves; challenging and at times confrontational. It ought not to be. No, it is not the lofty masterpiece that is Come For The Children , nor is it the Mustard Seed Faith melodic roots evangelism bringing back memories of the days when it all shone with the bright flame of newfound faith. Nevertheless, Invisible Man is a fine album more than deserving a listen, and its being available again is a blessing.

When asked to name the quintessential Christian rock band, most fans whose memories stretch back farther than Switchfoot will name either Petra, which made arena-style praise rock acceptable to the masses, or U2 for being the reluctant father of Certainly a strong case can be made for either. That said, another band seldom if ever brought into the conversation warrants consideration. Namely, Mustard Seed Faith.

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With this breath of God in their sails, Mustard Seed Faith worked itself and its one album as hard as possible; band member Oden Fong recalls a stretch where it was playing three hundred and fifty concerts a year. Eventually the strain became too much, and the band dissolved in the late s. With the help of several Calvary Chapel musical alumni they recorded and independently released Limited Edition. The album has been rereleased by Fong on his Bandcamp page. Musically, Limited Edition slides nicely into the s adult rock genre populated by Michael McDonald then with The Doobie Brothers , the less funky leanings of Boz Scaggs, and the like.

The tunes are well-constructed and friendly; easily accessible relatively easy listening. You could slip Limited Edition into the record stack at a party where adult rock from its era was being played and no one would notice due to a drop-off in style or quality. However, the moment someone paid the lyrics some attention, they would notice all right.

Unsurprisingly, Limited Edition is ministry-driven from beginning to end. Full-throated evangelism sits next to exhortational calls urging those who already believe not to stray, and return to the fold if they have already gotten off track. Specifically, the Name of Jesus. There is no ambiguity; no wondering if a song is about God or a girlfriend.

Mustard Seed Faith was all God all the time, and made no secret of its intent at any point along the way. Musically it fit into what was happening at the time, while lyrically it stood out with bold, uncompromising calls to faith in Christ. Oden Fong, mainstay of the early Maranatha Music days courtesy of his tenure with Mustard Seed Faith, has made available his two solo albums from back in the day: Come For The Children , originally released in , and Invisible Man which first came out in Incorrect perception.