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From anatomical studies to architectural plans, from complex engineering designs to pudgy infant portraits, delve in and delight in the delicate finesse of one of the most talented minds, and hands, in history. Only 1 left! Leonardo Da Vinci -.


Binding - Hardback Pop Up Book. Another collectible book listed by River Bank Books. Publisher - Hutchinson Children's Book. This is a beautiful like new book, this book has been thumbed through, first few pages have subtle crease near spine from page turns, but looks very lightly used if any, and looks very close to new. We appreciate your business and we pack with TLC. Please look at all pics to ensure that this item fits your needs.

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We have a smoke free home, however some items do not and we will specify those that are not. We do combine shipments, however please request an invoice prior to checking out so that we can give the proper discount. Has a slight musty smell. Renaissance Man: The unstoppable curiosity and invention of the da Vinci genius.

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His points of enquiry and invention spannedphilosophy, anatomy, geology, and mathematics, from the laws of optics, gravitation, heat and light to the building of a flying machine. One of the most accomplished human beings who ever lived, Leonardo da Vinci remains a quintessential Renaissance genius. This is probably the closest thing to an original Leonardo da Vinci in your collection.

Leonardo da Vinci himself lived in. A page from a manuscript. The painting was not examined by an art expert. Printed in Great Britain. Both books have gilt lettering and design on covers, a frontispiece, table of contents, and list of illustrations. I have tried to add photos so you can see the conditionclearly, acceptable but not perfect due to age and wear.

Used in good condition. Three 8vo vols, bound in original tan buckram. First edition of this scarce work on the life and output of Leonardo da Vinci, with Plates. This is a VG set, with heavy discoloration to lower quadrants of Vols II and III, affecting the first and last few pages and page ends; light foxing internally, else a solid set. Please see pictures. Miller Graphics. Penguin, Facsimile of the edition. Records suggest that he lived with his grandparents in Vinci, where he received a rudimentary education. Leonardo left few personal reminiscences of his own, but we have glimmers of the man.

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He was almost certainly gay—his lifelong companions were male, and he was twice accused of sodomy, though charges were dropped in both cases. An animal lover, he bought caged birds at market and set them free. Left-handed and handsome, he wore rose-colored tunics and was admired for his singing voice, generosity of spirit, and social finesse. He would have been a very entertaining dinner guest, says Gary Radke, emeritus professor of art history at Syracuse University.

Throughout his year career, spent largely in Florence and Milan, Leonardo willed himself to knowledge, touched by an ever wandering eye and the determination to follow it. He studied Latin, collected poetry, and read Euclid and Archimedes. Where others embraced the perceptible, he scrutinized minutiae—geometric angles, the dilation of the pupil—bounding from one discipline to the next while seeking links between them. He sketched flowers and flying machines, designed war machines for his patron Duke Ludovico Sforza, crafted theatrical ornaments out of peacock feathers, and engineered a plan to divert the Arno between Florence and Pisa.

Leonardo documented everything in magnificent detail on the backs and corners of paper with tidy notes written in mirror script, from right to left. Some of these pages exist as loose sheets today; others have been bound into the volumes now known as notebooks or codices. Learn more here about what made Leonardo's painting style unique. He did this by cross-examining his subjects and overturning his own verdicts.

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In the Codex Leicester, Leonardo investigates how water makes its way to mountaintops, ultimately rejecting his initial conviction that heat draws it upward. Instead, he realizes, water circulates through evaporation, clouds, and rain. For Leonardo, the precepts of science—observation, hypothesis, and experiment—were critical to art. He moved fluidly between the two realms, grasping lessons from one to inform the other, says Francesca Fiorani, associate dean for the arts and humanities at the University of Virginia.

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His greatest gift was his ability to make knowledge visible, she says. He dissected human cadavers, teasing out underlying musculature in three dimensions to see for himself how a leg bends or an arm cradles. The scientific data Leonardo collected in his notebooks underlie every stroke of his paintbrush. His anatomical studies drilled down on the biology of facial expressions. His analysis of light and shadow allowed him to illuminate contours with unmatched subtlety.

He did away with traditional outlining, instead softening the edges of figures and objects in a technique known as sfumato. It was also because the challenge of doing outweighed the expectation of getting it done. Indeed the more knowledge Leonardo acquired through the studies in his notebooks, the more difficult it became to see a finish line in his art. Infinity became a very real concept that took on practical implications: There was always more to learn. This may help explain why Leonardo never published his notebooks.

He intended to complete treatises on many subjects, including geology and anatomy. Instead his sketches and manuscripts were left to his faithful companion Melzi to sort through. It was not until the late 18th century that most of the surviving pages began to be published—more than years after he died. Coffey studies the mesentery, a fan-shaped structure that connects the small and large intestines to the back wall of the abdomen. But while performing an increasing number of colorectal surgeries, Coffey had begun to suspect that the mesentery was one continuous organ.

Coffey remembers the moment distinctly. Initially, he glanced at it and turned away. Wir freuen uns auf einen informativen Abend mit interessanten Teilnehmern. Vaxxed is a documentary documentary about the history of the whistleblower dr. In , this investigated a possible connection between multiple vaccinations and the emergence of autism. When the statistical data of the study actually in alarming results, the CDC manipulated the numbers to prove the as of vaccinations. Ten years after, the vaxxed filmmakers risk head and collar to uncover the cover-up and bring the secret data to the light of the public.

Interviews with insiders, doctors, politicians and above all reports from affected parents show impressive the extent and devastating consequences for humanity and health. A film that wants to raise awareness of multiple vaccination and calls for our action to be taken into action. Doctors, scientists, vaccination supporters and critics are equally invited at this cinema event to support public discourse - for more transparency in our economic action and thus a healthy development of our future world and our children.

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The next open meeting will be held on Wednesday, April We are looking forward to an informative evening with interesting participants. Vaccination victim luan in freiberg Saxony : through 5-fold vaccination of shortness of breath, epilepsy, motor-Retrograde The Mother Reports: " when I came to this group six years ago, we were CA. Just like every single one here I wanted to learn more about the topic of vaccinate.

My story, why I'm here and why we have a vaccination liberation or. A vaccination ban has been given in writing, I would like to tell you. And also because I want to make courage to every single one that there are also doctors whose eyes are open. Luan was born by a notkaiserschnitt, since I got very strong bleeding. We were still in the kinderklinik for two weeks, when we were allowed to go home on 1. So far, he developed quite well, of course, you also realized that he was a little weaker than normal children at his age. After that, we started our first therapies with vojta, which he accepted very well and made progress in progress.

Thanks to our pediatrician, which has already been critically discontinued, she laid us close to not vaccinate luan according to the acellular plan. Back then, I was still vaccinating, but my gut feeling was rather bad, so we put the vaccinate up until the 8. At Night, it started that luan is constantly working on what is going on in the next day. On the second day, he had a slight rash between the eyebrows, which in the course of the day spread more and more over the forehead, such as eczema.

We didn't get a fever. In the afternoon, I immediately went to the pediatrician with him. The pediatrician immediately took him to the office and gave him homeopathic means to mitigate the vaccination or to reduce the vaccination. First of all, we are back home, and over the next week you could always see how luan is getting more and more muscular.

Because Luan was a preemie, we had a angel care with plates for the mattress that hit the The movement could take place. It was so bad by now that I was transferred to the uniklinik dresden on Also sitting didn't go anymore because his hull just had no strength to keep him upright.