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The Dynamics of The Prophetic Sermon~The Seer~Son of Major 1

I am married and have twin daughters, aged During my free time I particularly enjoy hiking, skiing especially in my native Sweden , reading novels, visiting coffee shops, and sampling new exotic restaurants or cooking intricate meals together with my husband. My research interests are many and diverse, the results of my travels around the globe.

Immersion into a Hebrew and Arabic speaking environment made me interested in the philological aspects of Hebrew and comparative Semitics.

Messenger: The Giver, Book 3

Living in the Middle East gave me an interest in the Ancient Near East, its languages, cultures and politics, and how the Hebrew Bible fitted into this wider context. Studying in a Jewish environment fostered my interest in Medieval Jewish exegesis. Finally, just living and breathing in the air of Jerusalem made me aware of the many ways in which the Bible has been and can be understood, thus sparking my interest in exegesis and the history of hermeneutics.

Moving to Oxford provided new experiences and gave rise to an increasing interest in the theological aspects of Biblical studies. In particular, what fascinated me was the interchange between God's dark and light sides as recorded in the Old Testament. I also found my main specialization: the prophetic literature of post-exilic Judah. In this latter vein, I wrote my DPhil on Isaiah , Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi, investigating the criticism of the priesthood as found in these texts.

seer of mars the vallar series book 1 Manual

Lastly, working at a seminary in the USA made me aware of the need to interpret the Hebrew Bible for today. As a result, I developed an interest in contemporary readings of the Bible and how different approaches create different meanings of the Biblical text. Matty is desperate for his new name to be "Messenger," which is what he feels he is best at doing. Many of the people in Village are like Seer and are cast out from their old communities and sometimes seriously injured, but they have made themselves new homes in Village. Most of the Villagers are reasonably altruistic , and Village never lacks in people who are willing to help another Villager overcome some disability.

Matty is from a community in which people know only what the Community tells them and those who do not fit the norm are usually put to death. Outside the safe boundaries of Village is the Forest, a foreboding realm that most of the Villagers fear because of its powerful harm.

Soul Seers Series #2

In spite of the lack of dangerous beasts, Forest itself is animated. It is capable of delivering "Warnings" in the form of injuries, caused by such things as sharp twigs, stinging insects, or poisonous plants, all of which attack deliberately if Forest is entered.

Those who enter Forest again after being warned are killed by Forest itself. Matty, whom Forest seems to favor, has gone through Forest many times without incident. Therefore, he has become Village's messenger, carrying word to the other communities scattered throughout the region. At one point, Leader Jonas from The Giver says that he received a barge full of books from the Community and that it has changed.

Soul Seers Series

Very early in the book, discord appears in Village. People who trade at a gathering, Trade Mart, change from being compassionate and generous to angry and impatient. The temperament of Villagers changes and they decide to close their borders and stop permitting the displaced and unwanted of other communities to enter. Seer, in the wake of this sudden change, decides to send Matty to travel through the Forest to retrieve his daughter, Kira, who lives in a town several days away. The journey soon becomes gravely perilous, as the Forest begins to attempt to entangle Kira and Matty.

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Leader's ability of remote viewing , which the book often refers to as "seeing beyond," allows him to sense the danger. He enters the forest to save them, only to be captured himself.

Kira, who has the ability to weave prophecy-like patterns in thread and cloth, uses her gift to contact Leader, who tells her to have Matty use his gift to save them. In Messenger, readers learn Kira can "see beyond. The gift is a special ability that Matty possesses but hardly understands, which makes him mad and results in a fury: a power of healing, which causes wholeness from the inside out. Matty puts his hands to the ground and manages to restore the integrity of Forest and people alike, at the expense of his own life.

Leader names Matty as "the Healer. At the end of the novel Matty perishes from the thickening forest. His soul drifts deep into the earth, which saves the villagers and Forest. The chaos turn peaceful as Matty's powers become a part of the dying earth.