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A principal problem, he says, is senior executives do not yet understand the need to re-structure to achieve the trifecta of benefits awaiting;.

California's mandatory water restrictions — just in time for summer, but too little, too late?

Their intrapreneurship and soft skills of internal advocacy and building internal coalitions will be critical to success. Local government on the other hand was investing in staff training on the Carbon:Energy course delivered through the Energy Management Association, as were larger companies such as Fonterra, Oji Fibres, Winstone and Downers.

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You’re Not Too Late, You’re Just On Time | Thought Catalog

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Just in Time Production (Lean Production)

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February 19, 0 Fuel for the future. Machinery Subscribe Directory Advertise. We know that people are increasingly using email to build and evolve their social networks. With the emergence of content recommendations and product recommendations that self-learn over time. The emergence of smart, automated chat bots guiding site level experiences and inbound support, this perfect journey and JIT information are at our fingertips.

You’re Not Too Late, You’re Just On Time

We believe that the basis of the perfect email is mass customization. We can deliver dynamic content to each customer based on pre-defined information needs or market timing considerations. We can track this independently by consumer, segment or any behavioural trait we know about the consumer. So, why is it important to talk about JIT and digital communications?

Email and Mobile messaging is often thought about as cause and effect.

We hope that by throwing a bunch of information out there, people will self-select and self-navigate. This makes sense based on adult learning theory, which posits that adults tend to want control over the pace and direction of content in a self-paced structure.

But that assumes you are clear about the tasks, content and behavior change you are designing programs for, and have clear methods of evaluating this effect. Building email and mobile programs that evolve through this type of logic will be the key to your success in the future. It may not be about the sale, it may be about supporting the information needs in a lead inquiry process, or compressing the consideration cycle, or being the conduit to a multichannel experience that ends at a pre-defined event call center, sales center or e-commerce event.

JIT information and other user-centered information architecture approaches are rarely employed in the development of email or mobile campaigns. It is time to extend these methodologies from site development to email programs.