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Captain Arch Penny is the cruise ship stalwart, while Navy Commander Toad Tarkington does everything he can to thwart the interference of Washington politicos. The passengers include two adventurous sisters, a Jewish couple who fear that the anti-Semitic pirates will never let them leave the castle alive, a vengeful woman who vows to kill the pirate leader who rapes her.

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Pirate Alley (Tommy Carmellini Series #5) by Stephen Coonts, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

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The Intruders Benjamin L. Under Siege Benjamin L.

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Review quote "A first-class thriller. Thriller lovers will enjoy this one for its fast pace, colorful locale, and satisfying conclusion Griffin and William E. Starting with a bang, it then gets even better. Steve gives us real pirates, not Johnny Depp with eye shadow. A tale of modern-day swashbucklers whose leader is the most ruthless pirate since Blackbeard. Hardly a page passes without nerve-stretching tension or flat-out action.

Pirate Alley

One can only hope the U. The action moves swiftly to its Hollywood ending. An abundance of intrigue and betrayals This is the best thriller that Coonts has written in some time. However, all recent books featuring Carmellini are superb. Coonts remains the master of the great techno-thriller. Coonts's trademark excitement keep[s] the pages turning to the book's ultimate conclusion.

Tommy is smart, brave, skilled, and possessed of enough self-deprecating, wise-cracking wit to endear him to readers And fans will be pleased to see a now retired Jake Grafton and his wife, Callie, make an appearance. Coonts's naval background and his legal education bring considerable authority to the story, and the narrative is loaded with detailed information about terrorist networks, modern weaponry, and international intrigue Jake Grafton Thrilling roller-coaster action. But the best thing about this book is Coonts's scenario for turning China into a democracy. Coonts delivers!

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Fortunes of War is crammed with action, suspense, and characters with more than the usual one dimension found in these books. Never will you see the duplicity of world politics--let alone cruise ships and Somali bandits--in the same light again. A tale of modern day swashbucklers whose leader is the most ruthless pirate since Blackbeard makes for a book you simply cannot put down.

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Hats off to Steve for another rip roaring story. After reading this, you will want to postpone that cruise that goes anywhere near the Horn of Africa. Coonts weaves a realistic and frightening multi-layered story.