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The fertility rates in many advanced economies have fallen as their societies have become wealthier and older. According to his calculations, the fertility rate averaged 1. As in other countries, there are myriad reasons for the declining birth rate, including rising prosperity and new opportunities for women. Fewer children were born, and because of cultural preferences for male offspring, fewer of them were girls. With fewer workers in the future, the government could struggle to pay for a population that is growing older and living longer.

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Great Chinese Famine. One-child policy becomes constitutional. One-child policy is introduced.

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Two-child policy is introduced. Source: U. Census International Data Base. Fertility rate. Births per woman. Sources: World Bank; U. B boy in wilderness: I don't think this is it, but in The Magic Forest , by Stewart White first published s, reprinted many times young Jimmy sleepwalks from a stalled train into the forest, wearing only pajamas and slippers. He is found at the river's edge by canoing Indians who give him native clothes to wear because his are wet through from the snow.

A book that sounds exactly like this came up on the Abebooks booksearch board. Thanks -- not sure it's the same one, but it sounds like it could be! I've sent for a copy and will let you know if it's the same story.

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Yes, that was the book. Thanks so much.

This was a book about a young girl and a friend. They were near the ocean or a lake. There were drawings of the rocks, which were very pretty when wet. Maybe one of the friends was moving away?

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Baker Bond, Gladys, The magic friend-maker. Illustrated by Stina Nagel It was published in large format by Whitman in approx This is definitely the book! He goes off to study the violin in Italy and when he returns he finds the girl in the garden. That's it!!

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Now, the big question is does Harriet have it? I would prefer to buy it here!! Their mother sends them from the house on the moving day complaining that she is allergic to dust and they find this shed in their new back yard with a stove in it. I believe it is missing a dial, and a strange man comes and brings them a dial with a setting on it that says something like 'magic' on it.

They cook recipes which become magical when they use this setting. The only magic I remember is that one or all of the children become invisible. I can't remember what the conclusion is except that I think the man comes back and takes away the dial. Please help me find this!! Jay Williams, The Magic Grandfather , , copyright.

Sam is the boy, it's his grandfather that gets stuck in Beta, and the girl is Sam's cousin, Sarah, who finds out at the end that she got Grandpa back through the portal because she's a witch. The boy must develop his concentration skills, and practices by imagining a brick wall, one brick at a time. The Magic Grandfather was actually by Jay Williams , but I haven't read it so I can't tell you whether this is the right book. This is definitely the book you're looking for! Eleven year old Sam Limner accidentally discovers that his seemingly unemployed, unambitious grandfather is actually a powerful enchanter.

His grandfather decides to cast a spell over Sam to make him forget what he has learned, but agrees to let Sam witness one spectacular feat of magic first. Sam has already seen his grandfather perform some small acts of magic, like mending a broken window, pulling a child's chipped tooth, and repairing a car that won't start. When Grandfather decides to summon a creature from another world, he allows Sam to hold a necessary piece of equipment.

Sam drops the equipment during the spell, and Grandfather is sucked into the other world, where he becomes trapped. Sam, with the help of his cousin Sarah, decides to rescue his grandfather. Sam studies his grandfather's magic books and discovers that he has a talent for sorcery that has been obscured because an addiction to television has ruined his powers of imagination and concentration.

He strengthens his imagination by reading a passage from The Wind in the Willows and imagining Badger' kitchen. He has trouble picturing the kitchen's brick floor, and concentrates so that he can imagine it in detail, brick by brick. After many mishaps, Sam rescues his grandfather, who acknowledges his talent and promises to help him develop it.

If the author's name sounds familiar, it's because he is also a co-author of the Danny Dunn science fiction seriesand he plugs the first book in The Magic Grandfather! The Magic Grinder, Part of the Disney's Wonderful World of Reading series. Thank you so much for this site! I sent you this stumper and that's absolutely the book I was looking for. If you can, please post my thanks to the person who solved it. I've been looking for that piece of my childhood for years and I'm delighted to finally have the name! Mysterious and Company by Sid Fleischman , only in that book the children were his own, so there would be nothing about picking up or leaving them.

Mysterious and Company -- I checked it out. The details I listed are all very accurate -- I remember the plot clearly, but unfortunately I just blanked on the title. I hope someone is able to figure this one out, as I would love to get my hands on a copy of this great book!! Thanks for all your help. Good news!

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I went back to my "childhood" library this weekend and they still have the book - it's called The Magic Hat of Mortimer Wintergreen. Now I just need to locate a copy of it that I can keep I tried bribing the librarian but to no avail! This is really a long shot, but could this be Magic in the Alley by Mary Calhoun?

The main character is a girl, with a friend who's a boy, and she reanimates a stuffed crow with magic, which can then talk.

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At the end of the book she must decide whether to use her last magic to turn the crow into a real non-magic crow, who will lose the ability to talk. As I said, really a longshot. I looked this up and found only one expensive ex-library copy, but here's the info: Calhoun, Mary: Magic in the Alley. New York: Atheneum, Oh My! It could be-- as I said all I remember are very vague things. I just remember being really affected by the choice that had to be made I will now go out looking for this book.

Was Mary Calhoun the author of the Katie John books?? P is, I think, another Ruth Chew book. Plot summary: "Jenny and her friend Mike discover a magic tree and an old man who feeds the birds in the park. They discover that the tree moves around and that they can go underground and become birds with the help of the magic beech tree. The setting is in winter. Thanks for any help! The book I am looking for was probably a scholastic book from the 70's.