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The impurities are invisible from the outside, so the goldsmith must patiently and intentionally hold the gold over the hottest part of his fire, liquefying it. Only then will the imperfections hidden within rise to the surface so the refiner can carefully skim the dross until the surface is clear. This process is repeated until he can see his reflection in the purified liquid. A good goldsmith never takes his eyes off of the fire or the gold.

He must perfectly balance the heat of the fire with the vulnerability of the metal. Too much heat will ruin it, but too little will allow impurity to mar its God-given beauty and worth. It is a delicate balance that only a skilled goldsmith can be trusted to properly handle. The fire of trials and suffering in our lives accomplish the same type of purification within our hearts as followers of Jesus Christ. Our goldsmith is the Creator of the universe who numbers the hairs on our heads. Leade rs often times find themselves managing loneliness.

Because no one truly knows the pressures you are facing personally, most leaders hold their heads high and keep their personal pain to themselves. Others can be sympathetic as long as you are not blessed or prospering more than they are. If you are blessed and are prospering, one can expect less concern from your peers due to jealousy.

This should not be so, but Jesus Himself experienced this throughout His ministry.

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Some intimacy comes through pain and suffering. Why is this true? It is because we get desperately transparent with God when the fire is hot. His promise is to never leave us or forsake us. He is with us in the heat of the fire.

The Refiner’s Fire: The Biblical Vision of Purgatory

He is with us in the hardest of trials. He will enable and empower us to overcome. When I feel I have learned all of the hard lessons in leadership and in life, it seems I find myself in yet another opportunity to be refined. It hurts! It is sometimes a slower process than I want, and I get impatient in the process. I pray I am not the only one who feels this way as a leader and follower of Jesus. God has a plan for the silver and sees the end result. He knows exactly when to bring the silver out of the fire. It is when He sees Himself in the reflection of the silver that He knows the silver is ready.

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The hotter the fire, the closer you are to the end of the process. The purification process is often times longer than any of us want to stay.

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Silver has to be refined to be used in great places. Remember, the silver will only be used in high places because of the process. When God is silent it means He is at work! Jesus has not forgotten you.

He has you in the palm of His hand through the entire process. Be patient, and watch God take you to places you never dreamed. Trust Him in the process. The demons we face seem to be different ones, and sometimes, even more challenging to overcome. I will remind you, you are not alone. He is with you.

Refiner's Fire (Cover) - Jeremy Passion x The Katinas

He has you right where He wants you. Historically, Israel had a habit of an up and down relationship with God. At one time they might be worshipping idols, and at another time they were right with God.

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God judged them accordingly, but Jesus came and set us free from the law of sin and death. I thank God for His grace today. Each of us can go boldly to Christ in our time of need. When we are facing trials and are in the refining fire, Jesus is there with us and His grace will see us through. We cannot earn His favor, we cannot be good enough to deserve forgiveness, because we are forgiven!

We are free and His grace is sufficient for us all.