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Refuge de Frience, Gryon

At the Refuge Clinic, our team of veterinary professionals and volunteers provides immediate and long-term medical attention. The majority of our patients are electrical burn survivors requiring specialized medical treatment and intensive care. With several dedicated nurseries for infant, juvenile, and young-adult howler monkeys, we are able to care for rescued infants until they are old enough to be released. Our mission is to protect wildlife from harm caused by human-wildlife conflict so that one day our rescue center will be empty! Using our 3-step approach of tree trimming, rope bridges, and insulating transformers and power lines , we are able to greatly reduce the risk to arboreal wildlife.

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Skip to content Menu Close. Olo means fort and Senga a parrot, and hence the island was called Olosenga—the fort or refuge of parrots. It would be endless to describe the herd of real or self styled reformers that peopled this place of refuge.

He gave his farewell speech Tuesday January 10 in Chicago, the city that launched his rise to national prominence. Word choices and speech patterns of our world leaders are a constant source of discussion and comedy skits , as every administration has a style and at least one tic.

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Long known as an effective public …. RELATED WORDS stronghold , sanctuary , hideaway , resort , shelter , hideout , protection , fortress , security , asylum , haven , retreat , shield , covert , escape , home , port , stopgap , makeshift , exit. Nearby words refry , refsum's disease , reft , refudiate , refuel , refuge , refugee , refugee capital , refugees , refugium , refulgence.

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Examples from the Web for refuge They carved a refuge out of the wilderness and then, in years, built it into the most powerful nation on earth.