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Please do click the links below to her sites, you won't be disappointed. Skip to content. Home About. Posted on June 2, by crankyspanker. Anyway on a lighter note: I have posted before on the practice of Figging. But watch out for horseradish, hoo boy! Like this: Like Loading Posted in Uncategorized Leave a comment.

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This small sampling from my own archive I posted these gems five years ago! So little time, so many great spanking illustrations. Posted in Uncategorized 1 Comment. Posted in Stuff I Like Leave a comment. Sunday Morning Anime Posted on September 11, by crankyspanker. Well thats enough of that.

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Officially Sunday time to lay down. Posted in Mostly true life experience 2 Comments. Sunday Evening Posted on September 6, by crankyspanker. Another word on Judicial Punishments. There was no attempt at trial just an announcement of punishment. The first implement used was a large leather strap, consisting of two layers and approximately four inches wide and an impressive 30 inches long.

A few of the spankings really made an impression and are pretty clear in my memory. One young lady was a petite brunette and could only stand on her toes when cuffed. The results were much like high heels and her bottom stuck out rounded and inviting the paddle that was applied the prescribed number of strokes to her bare behind. One prisoner was caned and though the weals did not come up immediately, after a while the lines across her butt were pronounced and must have had an intense sting.

She needed the aftercare provided by the medic. Caning is not one of my preferred spanking methods, it just seems too easy to overdo and be extreme unless you have experience in properly using a cane. The large strap and paddle that were used could be applied in moderate to severe strokes. The severe stroke of the belt ringing out loudly against varied shaped bottoms, shortly followed by the yelps of the prisoner. The Master also encouraged the punished to not hold back, after all there is a mental element and if the woman before you is yelling out in pain, it must make the on deck person just that more apprehensive and wondering what she had gotten herself into.

I would have loved to have a recording of the entire event but since I did not ask permission I did not want to asked to leave for doing so. So I counted sixteen prisoners coming forward to accept their spankings all but one wearing that orange prisoner shirt and one nearly nude. The audience watched while the loud slaps of the paddle or strap filled the air.

My heart was right up in my throat and I would bet my blood pressure was off the charts. Well I am completely exhausted. It has been an amazing weekend.

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I had to have a drink to counter the adrenaline and endorphin coursing through my body. Of course all things both good and bad must end. Today I participated in a trivia game, I thought I was really good at trivia but somehow most of these questions were above me. The good news for every wrong answer I got 5 swats from a paddle princess. How often does one get the chance to be paddled by royalty. Oh the pain, after 5 wrong answers a participant was eliminated. Two rounds of questions and I was definitely warmed up. A fellow was there doing card tricks and other slight of hand.

His benefit was spanking a couple of audience members, well there goes using your powers for good. Saturday evening I got to meet Ten and Stevie, both who you can see on Shadow Lanes site getting spanked. I was completely unaware that Ten was also an able spanker only having seen her on the receiving end in her videos. I had the pleasure of watching her spank a few subs and while she was spanking one young lovely another of the other guests came by and Ten displayed her skill and displeasure generated by his comments by spanking away and flipping off the gentleman with right and then left hand.

Yes, you can spank someone with your foot. Much of the pleasure and arousal is generated right between the ears and deep inside our hearts: with our erotic desires, fantasies and memories, in the G-spots of our minds.

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They can be crude or romantic, marvelous or dangerous. The setting for a spanking fantasy could be a childhood home, boarding school, boudoir, church or temple, office, party, military barracks, POW camp, the great outdoors, heaven, hell or another planet. The therapeutic power of a spanking or flogging may be primarily physical, like a good massage or brisk rubdown, but spanking therapy can also be deeply psychological, releasing the spankophile from all kinds of stress, guilt, shame and tension, much of it stemming from childhood.

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The best spanking therapy breaks through destructive, debilitating mental and sexual blocks, improving the mental well-being of both spankee and spanker. Speransky recommends 30 sessions of 60 whip lashes on the buttocks in every session for maximum therapeutic effect. Power is a rush, in fantasy and reality, and spanking, even at a birthday party, gives you a certain power? Others prefer to keep their power trips in their erotic imaginations or perhaps act them out through real-life roleplay.

Some cultivate spanking as an art, deriving as much creative pleasure from giving a good spanking as a musician might from playing an instrument. Dominance is traditionally considered a male prerogative, so it is most popular among young men who are relatively powerless in real-life society? Certainly, spanking is one arena in which women naturally dominate. Even though most adult men are stronger than the women who spank them, they submit to being spanked by women, perhaps because the first person to spank them was a woman.

Gary also watched his older sister receive the same abusive treatment, and he was torn by feelings of horror for her pain, excitement over her burgeoning sexuality, and relief that she was the one being punished, not him. As a teenager, he got into a few fights, but as an adult husband and father, he has learned? He channels his violent impulses into playing out safe, but exciting, spanking scenes with his wife, Leah, who enjoys the thrill of submission. Together, they act out dark memories and fantasies.

Leah might dress up schoolgirl-style? Gary still has many unresolved conflicts lingering from his rough, abusive upbringing, but he is determined never to be violent, certainly not with his own two young children. Spanking play with Leah helps him to express his feelings in a controlled way. Since Leah was also spanked as a child and went to a school that practiced corporal punishment, she too is working through her own sadomasochistic fantasies as she role-plays with Gary. For her, the critical difference between the spankings her father and school principal gave her and the ones she gets from Gary is consensuality.

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When in doubt, build up speed and power slowly, gradually, teasingly, especially when spanking a new partner. Many harried executives go to dommes for spankings, just as their colleagues might go to the spa for a massage. Here again is where spanking becomes therapy, or even a spiritual pursuit. Not every child grows into adulthood, but every adult was once as child. Cognitively speaking, being spanked tends to make us feel child-like, which can be a very liberating, exciting feeling for us as reluctantly responsible grown-ups. They may become aroused from feeling helpless, vulnerable, punished, submissive, embarrassed, desirable, mischievous, naughty, playful or just being the center of attention.

To spank is to pay attention. To be spanked is to command that attention, even if it hurts.

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I was about six and, like most six-year-old girls, I loved my Daddy. So when he spanked me that one time, I was thrilled by the attention, as well as the simple touch of his big strong hand on my excitable bottom. I remember him pulling me out of a large family dinner, after some egregious offense on my part, as my year-old brother tagged along.

I was wearing a party dress with a stiff crinoline slip underneath the skirt, and I remember the whole works flying rapturously up over my head as Daddy pulled me over his knee and spanked me in front of said older brother, who was laughing and cheering him on. Of course, this was extremely embarrassing, but also, I must admit, thrilling. If anything, my bottom just tingled with excitement.

In fact, despite? From that point on, I much preferred spanking to other punishments. Sometimes I would beg my parents to spank me for my many various misdeeds, instead of the much more tedious punishment of being grounded or the more guilt-inducing penalty of a stern reprimand. Before and throughout the war, Pye Limited went al Cheerleading Spirit.

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