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Learn about the reactions siblings may have when a brother or a sister is in the hospital and what caregivers can do to help the family cope. This book is about Otto the car, who is often distracted and has problems in school.

This story explains the positive effects of medication, gives tips on how to stay focused, and includes a section for parents. This is a story about bears who are each missing a limb. Together they learn how each plays and does day-to-day activities. This book is about Burgess Bear, who is born with one leg, and how he learned to do everything that all his friends could do.

This book is about an 8-year-old girl who likes to play like everyone else. She describes how she is learning about asthma and how to better manage her condition.

This book is a fictional story about a child going to asthma camp. It teaches children who have asthma that they are just like everyone else and can have a great time at camp. This book helps to teach school-age children that classmates with asthma are just regular kids. It provides parents and teachers with the opportunity to talk about classmates who might have asthma.

A new girl at school has lots of questions about why Andy keeps spinning his yellow Frisbee.

The Civic Health Diagnostic Workbook: For Cities, Counties, and Other Communities

Ages Nick talks about all the fun things he likes to do with his friend, Zack, who has autism, while weaving key facts about autism seamlessly into the storyline. In this story, Angel talks about her friend, Sam, who has autism and helps to explain some common characteristics of autism. This story helps to normalize autism to both children affected with autism as well as their peers.

A kindergarten class learns their teacher needs a heart transplant. Specific topics such as organ donation, descriptions of the transplant operation, post-op medication, and promotion of organ donation are discussed. A rhyming story about a young girl who had heart surgery. A story about a tree that loses some of its branches during a storm and its journey to healing both physically and emotionally. This book is recommended for children who have experienced life-changing illnesses or accidents by providing comfort, inspiration and an inner sense of well-being.

A story about Cadberry, a bunny with cystic fibrosis, that explains the genetic disease and common treatments. It helps normalize cystic fibrosis for younger patients and offers simple ways to talk about the disorder with peers. A story about a school-age girl living with cystic fibrosis.

She helps to explain the genetic disease and how she lives a normal life with a few modifications. This story is good to help teach classmates about cystic fibrosis. This book tells the story of when Cooper was brought to the hospital and was diagnosed with diabetes. It includes general information about a hospital visit, while highlighting diagnosis-specific information such as checking blood sugars, insulin injections, and the importance of balanced diet. Jayson, a young boy with diabetes, describes his disease, how he checks his blood sugars regularly, and how receives insulin injections to keep his body working properly.

SRL Diagnostics App - Customised Full Body Health Check-up Packages

The book also offers information so peers can understand the illness as well. Hannah, a little girl who receives automated peritoneal dialysis at home, talks about her kidneys being sick and why she needs to have dialysis. She describes the basic steps of receiving dialysis at home and how it makes her feel better so she can enjoy the fun things she likes to do. Reena the Raccoon meets a new friend, Bluebell, and introduces her to her sister, Brookie. She helps teach Bluebell the many similarities and differences about people with handicaps.

Children who just started wearing a back brace, or soon will be, can benefit from reading this book which helps boost self-esteem and details activities a patient can still enjoy while using the brace. Shows that the differences that seem to separate children with disabilities from others are not important.

What is important is the common delight in life — a desire to love, learn and play, and to be accepted for who they are. A story about a sister about to have a baby brother with Down syndrome. She talks with her father about ways she can play with her new sibling, and learns how it may impact the way they play. The book also addresses common questions about Down syndrome. A story of a raccoon that experiences something terrible he cannot forget about. The story encourages children to talk about their feelings and things that scare them in order to bring them peace and closure.

This book is for children who are ready for the complete, but basic, story about sexual reproduction. With illustrations and simple terms, the book explains the male and female body, human sexuality, conception, pregnancy, fetal development and birth.

This story provides examples of what a family can look like and how families can change over time. From nuclear families to multi-generational families, this book addresses the bonds that brings people together. An adopted Korean girl has trouble finding her own identity until she discovers her classmates have different types of families and that everyone is different. This book explores how love connects each family. This story shows how families come in different forms and explains how important it is to accept our differences as a family.

It encourages children to ask questions about their own families and understand the many people who love them. Alexander is a young boy who is scared of the dark. He thinks the shadows in his room are monsters. Alexander decides he is going to make friends with the dragon under his bed.

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This book assists children in coping with their emotions by following Alexander as he battles through many obstacles, making for a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. A story about Carlin, a young raccoon, who is scared of lots of things. He goes to Big Bear, the bravest animal, for help. This book walks children through the many instances in which they would be feeling two emotions at the same time, in settings such as school, with siblings and at home.

This book gives examples of why kids may feel different feelings. It provides many examples of feelings children may experience along with photos of real people acting out that particular emotion.

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This book follows a school-age boy through many feelings associated with peers, caregivers and his own feelings in rhyming sequences. The monsters in this book talk about different feelings and give examples of what makes them feel the different feelings. The story asks children to talk about what makes them feel glad, angry, loving, sad, worried, scared or silly. This book follows Felix throughout his day as the water in his bucket increases and decreases with the emotions of the day.

This book helps children understand that they may have many feelings and all these feelings are OK. This book follows a little girl as she tells readers why she gets mad. The book emphasizes that it is alright to be mad sometimes and normalizes the sometimes frustrating emotion.

This story takes you through the life of Miss Rumphius who keeps a promise she made to her grandfather to make the world a more beautiful place. Seuss uses his rhyming fashion to explain to children different feelings that they can have by giving emotions a color that we can feel in the day. Priscilla follows her friends and their feelings. This book fosters discussion by asking children when was the last time they felt the same emotions as the characters in this book. This book addresses the challenges of being a 5-year-old, such as interacting with siblings and peers, growing, discipline, hygiene and school.

A story about Emily and her older sister, Alicia, who gives her the task of learning about empathy. He and his mother make a plan on what to say when he is teased again. This book shows examples of many emotions, from feeling lonely to feeling silly. The book advises children that no matter how they feel, they should not keep these feelings inside, but share them with someone they love. Ages: This interactive book helps kids understand different emotions like anger, stress and love, and provides information on how to understand these emotions. This book follows a school-age girl as she tells of all the feelings she is having and why.

At the end of the book, children are able to identify how they feel from silly, happy and excited to cranky, angry and sad. Themes such as persistence, having choices, creating peace and being healthy are explored. It includes examples and illustrations of how children may apply the lesson to their everyday life. This book helps children transition back to school by following Wemberly as she returns to school.

Wemberly worries about almost everything, but when she meets a new friend at school, she is finally able to put some of those worries aside. A story about a little girl who becomes very angry about sharing her toys with her sister. The story shows how Sophie calms herself down after she gets really upset.

This book follows Wilma as she identifies all the things that make her worry.

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Her teacher helps her decide whether these are worries she can control or not. There is a helpful page for parents with tips on dealing with an anxious child. This book follows Zach as he goes to the beach and has to learn how to handle frustrations by naming them, finding ways to tame them and reframing them from negative thoughts into positive ones.