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Historical milestones and discoveries that shaped the toxicology sciences. Pages Physiologically based toxicokinetic models and their application in human exposure and internal dose assessment.

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The role of biotransformation and bioactivation in toxicity. Genotoxicity: damage to DNA and its consequences. Role of DNA repair in the protection against genotoxic stress. On the impact of the molecule structure in chemical carcinogenesis. Chemical induced alterations in p53 signaling. Molecular pathways involved in cell death after chemically induced DNA damage. Calera, Alexei Degterev. It tends to surface at the wrong time, or to the wrong degree, or, perhaps worse, it does not surface at all.

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Its continued repression might cause you to develop panic attacks or depression, digestion problems, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, etc. Your dreams might become populated with angry people, monsters, or even a vampire, for your repressed anger is sucking the life out of you. On the other hand, if you are on good terms with anger, you are able to experience and express it as it arises, and without undue stress or drama. You are more willing to stand up for yourself, and your anger can help provide you with the energy and motivation to make necessary changes in your life. It is helpful to understand that many of the negative qualities attributed to the shadow derive less from its inherent nature, and more from the rejecting attitude we have directed towards it.

I realize that I can no longer live there www. When the guy whose party it is finds out I want to leave, I get scared. Not all aspects of the shadow have a nugget of gold at their core. Some are frankly destructive and feed like a fungus upon the healthier fabric of the psyche. The young man in this dream has come face-to-face with this destructive dimension of his own personality. His road to recovery will be challenged not only by external pressures, but by the resistance of the rogue government that has been ruling his soul.

In addition to our dreams, another important way that our shadow is made known to us is through the process of projection. Projection occurs when we perceive attributes of our own personality as present in other people, rather than in ourselves. For example, the woman in the dream above projected her own superficiality onto her sister-in-law. Her dream challenged her to withdraw this projection by finding its prior origin within herself. When we encounter in someone a positive but undeveloped aspect of our personality, we tend to highly esteem them.

When we encounter a negative but unconscious aspect of our own personality, we tend to dislike and devalue that person. And a good portion of divorces from the projection of their negative shadow. Dealing with our shadow can be painful, humbling work. But the gifts that accrue from our efforts benefit not only ourselves, but those around us, and the world at large.

Every nation and culture, every political party, church, organization, business, and family has a persona and a shadow. They identify with the former and deny the latter, which they then project upon some other. Divisiveness and polarization between countries, or between the people of one country, relies heavily upon the process of projection of the shadow. To the extent that we are ignorant of our own shadow, we are easy marks for these unconscious, collective forces.

We are less susceptible to such forces when we have faced our own dark side, know some of its ways, and have earned a portion of humility. Conger, John P.

Surface Modification of Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery

Jung and Reich: The Body as Shadow. Jung, Carl G. Man and His Symbols. New York: Dell Publishing Co. Sanford, John A.

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The Strange Trial of Mr. San Francisco: Harper and Row, For more info, call Dr. Find ad on page Snoring can be more than just a noise problem though. This nighttime annoyance may indicate a serious health condition; sleep apnea, a condition where people stop breathing during the night.

Snoring also complicates many other health issues, can disrupt your household, and strains relationships.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, snoring affects about 90 million adults, 37 million of them on a regular basis. And while men are twice as likely as women to snore among younger folk, that gap closes after menopause, when women snore in equal numbers. Habitual snoring may be more than just a nuisance and a cause of daytime sleepiness. Untreated, persistent snoring caused by obstructive sleep apnea may increase your lifetime risk of developing health problems such as high blood pressure, heart failure, obesity, and stroke.

Snoring in children or anyone for that matter should never be ignored as just a noise problem. We all know that we breathe to get oxygen in our blood.

Snoring occurs when air flows past relaxed tissues in your throat, causing them to vibrate as you breathe, creating hoarse or harsh sounds. Compound the ahhhhh effect by recycling and composting. We will work within your budget to make your green events eco-chic and fabulous. Combining expertise in design and sustainable living to create your perfect event: Weddings, Corporate Events, Reunions, Art Exhibits, Birthdays, Fund Raisers and so much more! In some ways, gardening in a container is easier than gardening in the ground.

Container-grown vegetable plants have slightly smaller yields than plants grown in the ground, but there are fewer, if any, weeds. Diseases also are easier to avoid, because your potting soil is less apt to harbor them than ground soil. Containers, at least the smaller ones, can be moved around and brought indoors when frost threatens.

There are two container options. The first is traditional containers, which consist of anything that can hold some soil and has a hole in the bottom to drain excess water. The second option is selfwatering containers, which arrived on the market a few years ago.

They have a reservoir for water that is connected to the soil in the rest of the container, which ensures that the water is continually available to the growing plants. For vegetable plants, most of which are larger than the flowers typically grown in containers, a suitable container can be either a large flower pot, or something originally meant for some other use: an old wash tub; a pail; half of a whiskey or wine barrel; or a plastic bucket that once held doughnut filling.

And because they can be recycled objects, traditional containers often are inexpensive or free. Just avoid containers that previously held chemicals. Choose a container large enough for the plant you want to grow — the bigger the plant, the bigger the pot.

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A large tomato plant needs about 30 to 40 quarts of soil; a pepper or eggplant can make do with 15 to For most plants, your container garden site must have full sun. You can get away with partial shade for spinach, lettuce, bok choy and other leafy greens. Soil 8 inches deep satisfies most plants, May If you use traditional containers, plan to water at least once a day, and more often for large plants or during hot, dry or windy weather. On the other hand, self-watering containers need water every three or four days, but younger, smaller plants get by with water once a week.

Reservoirs need to be big enough to allow at least three or four days between waterings. Try for at least 1 quart of water for every 8 quarts of soil, but more is better. If you have any doubts about the compost quality, add about a cup of balanced organic fertilizer per 40 quarts of soil mix.

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A good fertilizer blend: one-third cup each of green sand, rock phosphate or bone meal and a nitrogen source such as alfalfa or soybean meal. Self-watering containers are available from the suppliers listed below, or you can make your own from a couple of 5-gallon plastic buckets:. Fit one bucket inside the other bucket. The space between the respective bucket bottoms is the reservoir. Mark an oblong hole in the side of the outer bucket about an inch high and 2 inches long, so the top of the hole is even with the bottom of the inner bucket. Cut it out with the saber saw. This hole serves triple-duty as the fill hole, the overflow.

Cut a hole in the bottom of the inner bucket large enough so the funnel will project into the reservoir all the way to the bottom. If necessary, cut the bottom off the fun-. Fit the inner bucket into the outer bucket; insert the funnel.

Fill the top bucket with moist container soil, making sure that the funnel is filled, but not packed with soil. The result is a self-watering container with a 4-quart reservoir. Excerpted from Mother Earth News magazine, the original guide to living wisely. Read the full story at www.

Copyright by Ogden Publications, Inc. By treating the mouth, you treat the entire body. Infections in the teeth and gums have been linked to many diseases such as:. Thermograms—digital diagnostic breast screenings—can detect early breast abnormalities before they become a problem. All without the use of contrast dyes or the pain of compression. Looked at in this way, what is all the fuss about? Nothing on the outside is changed just because a person meditates. It brings no outer benefits. You will fail at your first attempts. Adding meditation to your full schedule appears to complicate life, not make it simpler.

You have enough to do already without sitting down and doing nothing.