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What instructions do you guys use for really want to give this formation a go this year, and what type of player is best for CF posisition? Thank for help. This is my team so far. Got lucky with packs pulling suarez casemiro and alba so the squad kinda built itself. Priority is a replacement for Vaas altho he has scored a couple in the few games I've played. My pack luck has been god awful. He has been my best player by far.

I am still trying to sort out the midfield and wingers. Wingers are Kluivert and Politano. September 21, PM edited September EisenErmin what are your instructions and tactics you are using?

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I just tried the 5 for my next five games and won them all, wow, such a dynamic formation in midfield. I used FC Blunts tactics thank you! I was lucky enough to pack Reus early on from one of the hybrid SBCs and sold him for k to upgrade my team. Looking forward to using this formation more!

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Post edited by fussydutchman on September Tried the 4 on free roam in the 5 and comfortably saw off my final two opponents to get placed in div 5. Only loss came in the game I had to quit because of IRL stuff.

Teamwork basics - How to manage people and be a good team player? Self-Improvement Video.

Really enjoyed their movement. Replaced Vaas with isco who seems more usable so far than he's been in previous years for me anyway. Pulled ter stegen too so my "starter" team in pretty much complete. Going to try FCBlunt 's tactics tomorrow or the next time I get a decent amount of time to fiddle. Cautiously optimistic about the possibilities with the 5 this year.

Thinking Frenkie might be a decent cdm with a sentinel slapped on him. Joao Felix could also fit well in my team. Sadly both are extinct so will have to wait till full release I imagine to try them. Good to see the thread start again. Sign In or Register to comment. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. Instead of mocking up 12 options, the team created three new versions that visitors see at random.

I know the final choice rests with me, but different perspectives open my eyes. Not to get all Zen here, but we only have the present moment. You can think through possibilities, visualize the future, and imagine negative consequences, yet now is what matters.

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Now is where you do the work and live your life. Today is your opportunity. Are we reinventing ourselves? Are we getting stronger and smarter? Are we enjoying the work and serving the people who matter? Silence is golden: how a daily dose of quiet can improve your life. How the first hour of your day can make you a better leader. How to solicit advice and still seem competent.

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The power of letting go: how surrendering control can improve your life. How managing your emotions can help you stay motivated.

watch It's time to reconsider ambition. We're getting "happy" wrong: why we need a more sustainable model of happiness. Good information to read. This post is very effective and images also helping us to understand your point. Thank you share this. I barely have to open my eyes.

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Good decision-making can help you to work better, manage stress, avoid burnout, and live a happier and healthier life. In response, you can categorize your choices into small, medium and big decisions. Be playful or systematic with the small ones.

Then, apply your best thinking and use your personal values as a guide for the big stuff. The key is to visualize major problems before they happen, then work backward to make a strong choice. This is also a moment to consider your data. Do you have enough information to make the choice? Think beyond the immediate future to days, weeks, months, and even years down the road.

Consider where each choice will lead. We measure how each new version converts and compare it to our current homepage. The rest will unfold as it should. Join , Subscribers. Aytekin Tank. A developer by trade but a storyteller by heart, he writes about his journey as an entrepreneur and shares advice for other startups.

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