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TRIX A young, versatile and functional design: the area is embellished with original, elegant and sophisticated geometries, which move the surfaces and create essential atmospheres. I would like information on.

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The kids were sharing their cereal with the rabbit without expecting anything in return? Surely, this must be too good to be true. As it turns out, it was only a dream.

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It was also the first of a few commercials where the Trix Rabbit would dream of eating Trix and never get a bite of his own. Here, the breakfast tables have completely turned for our Trix Rabbit.

What happens if a kid wants Trix? Trix are for rabbits! The Trix Rabbit wakes up only to realize he was dreaming about Trix again. Oh well, a rabbit can dream!

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Will the Trix Rabbit cycle his heart out for Trix? Of course! In , the Trix Rabbit participated in the Tour de Trix bicycle race in a two-part commercial spot.

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The grand prize was a silver bowl of Trix; a fruity delicious part of a complete breakfast, and this silly rabbit was serious about winning the race. Once the cyclists were off to the races, the Trix Rabbit picked up steam after his helmet flew off his head. His floppy ears were free and filled with wind, propelling him to the finish line first.

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He won, and in part two of the commercial he scarfed down his first, whole bowl of Trix cereal. No dreams, no spoonfuls, the whole bowl. The two-part Tour de Trix commercial is a favorite of Russell Horton, the voiceover actor who voiced the Trix Rabbit for years. Where will our favorite silly rabbit go next? Discover more in this fun infographic from General Mills.

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