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But if so, than what quest specifically do you need to complete at those cities? One of Delvin's? But which one?

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Fishing, Bendlem or Books one? What am I missing? Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments. As you do misc Delvin and Vex quests the number completed for a hold is tracked. Once you reach a threshold I think its 5 misc quests in a hold, someone important from that hold will set up a job through dlDelvin. Its completion will put that city in your pocket, adding wealth to the Guild and give you benefits like those a thriving guild enjoys in Riften in that new hold as well.

As said above, 5 quests in a city will unlock a special job from Delvin.

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By Joshua Kim. March 20, Published in March of Below are each of the 13 substantive chapters in Under New Management - with some ideas about how they may apply or not to higher ed: Chapter 1 - Outlaw E-mail: What would happen if e-mail was banned on your campus. Could you imagine your school making a real effort to get internal communications off e-mail? Chapter 2 - Put Customers Second: This chapter is all about companies that put employees first.

Chapter 3 - Lose the Standard Vacation Policy: If you are lucky enough to be employed full-time at your institution you may be eligible for a set number of days of paid vacation.

  1. Sports Illustrated, under new management, cuts staff jobs.
  2. Sternenschweif, 13, Magischer Sternenregen (German Edition).
  3. This Indenture & The Final Wager (Regency Short Stories).
  4. Chapter 4 - Pay People to Quit: Zappos pioneered the practice of paying new trainees to quit if they discover a cultural bad fit. Chapter 5 - Make Salaries Transparent: The idea of salary transparency is that people are really bad at estimating what everyone else gets paid, and that this confusion causes needless anxiety and expenditure of mental energy.

    Chapter 6 - Ban Noncompetes: Noncompete clauses seem to be a big part of the business world except in California where they are illegal. Chapter 7 - Ditch Performance Appraisals: A growing number of companies are getting rid of the annual performance review, and replacing the practice with more frequent check-ins.

    Is this a discussion occurring on your campus? Chapter 8 - Hire as a Team: Higher ed, in my experience, already practices team-based hiring. Chapter 9 - Write the Org Chart in Pencil: Does the org chart at your university reflect the way that you work today?

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    Is anyone tracking org chart reshuffles in higher ed? Chapter 10 - Close Open Offices: Burkus reviews the evidence that open offices are correlated with lower productivity, higher absenteeism, and lower levels of retention. What is going on with office plans at your school?

    Chapter 11 - Take Sabbaticals: The practice of sabbatical taking seems to be coming to the creative economy. Could sabbaticals ever be extended to the non-tenured and the non-faculty in higher ed?

    Chapter 12 - Fire the Managers: What happens when a company gets rid of middle management? How have you seen the role of middle-managers change in higher ed? Chapter 13 - Celebrate Departures: Burkus ends his book by talking about McKinsey , and how this consulting company has created a powerful network of company alums.

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