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Shi Qing Xuan's body stiffened, "I Xie Lian wanted to help him respond but the tongue was refusing control.

It couldn't be helped; his most trusted, beloved friend turned out to be the one he feared the most, hiding next to him by his side. Now that there was no one around, who knows what he was going to do; who wouldn't be scared? Suddenly, Ming Yi's fingers dug in, pain flared in Shi Qing Xuan's shoulder, and he was pushed downward. A pale white hand suddenly lunged out from out of the creek and grabbed for Shi Qing Xuan's neck.

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With Ming Yi's push, that hand missed. Then, he blasted it with his palm, and screams came from the waters. That creature was probably obliterated by the blast. Shi Qing Xuan sat on the ground, having fallen over, and Ming Yi pulled him up, "Do you have something wrong with your brain, washing your face with just any water from the Black Water Demon Lair? Shi Qing Xuan used the creek water that had been soaking the corpses of water ghouls just now to calm down and should be feeling disgusted, yet he had no mind to notice those details.

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His face and hair were still dripping, drenched like a drowned dog, lost and forlorn, and he dazedly let 'Ming Yi' pull him up, and dazedly followed after him. Truthfully, when thinking about it closely, everything relating to this 'Ming-xiong' had always reeked of dubiousness. He was the Earth Master. Therefore, very matter of factly, every Distance Shortening array on the road was drawn by him.

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That should've been his specialty technique, yet it had frequent issues. Leaving Puji Shrine, the four of them were sent to the town of Fu Gu for some unknown reason, and problems also occurred when both the Wind and Water Masters were being transported out of the Black Water Island.

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Was it the transportation chamber that had been wasted through the years in need of repairs? Was it something else causing troubles?

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Was the culprit behind the scenes too omnipotent? Why think so much?

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The simplest answer was it was Ming Yi who had meddled in everything! It is the whole package that makes a fine wine truly complete. With readers in all fifty states and twenty foreign countries, the Guide is valued by wine lovers everywhere for its honesty and for it strong adherence to the principles of transparency, unbiased, hard-hitting opinions.

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