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Conceptual Art: a Critical Anthology , eds. This quote: p.

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Die Revolution sind Wir , eds. Eugen Blume and Catherine Nichols, Berlin, , pp.

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Eugen Blume and Catherine Nichols, Berlin, Translation NR : portrait JB. One morning, in the dizzle. Thomas Kling expresses a keen interest in the signature as a prerequisite for the status of a work of art. Beuys is here — rather comically — compared to the Austrian actress Romy Schneider. Sie lassen mich gehen. Wie gut. Das Lied des Trinkers Es war nicht in mir.

Es ging aus und ein. Da hielt es der Wein. Das Lied des Zwerges Meine Seele ist vielleicht grad und gut Die Liebende Bis wohin reicht mein Leben, und wo beginnt die Nacht?

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Der Mond fiel darauf ein. Einsamkeit Einsamkeit ist wie ein Regen. Klage Wem willst du klagen, Herz? Tweets by RilkeQuotes. The Rilke Website Poster.

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This idiom advises you to play it safe, or not to get carried away. Maybe a sound warning to a young Brit or American arriving in Germany! In other words, life is filled to the brim with pointless and idiotic realities. Literally, it means: "a single nut doesn't rattle in the sack". The perfect illustration of an opaque translation. Essentially, this idiom implies that a single event is not statistically significant, or perhaps that a mistake can be forgiven the first time. Translated as "the fish starts stinking from the head", this one seems particularly useful in the current climate of resentment towards political, business and industry leaders.

Attacking the idea that blame always trickles down, this phrase says that the problems always start at the top.

Certainly one to be used in your next political debate! Perhaps a bit more straight forward, this idiom translates directly as "I'm not a cow to be milked". Save this one for your friend that always turns to you at the front of the shop queue or at the bar, asking if you could cover for them just once more. Again one that makes sense more literally: "to go down with drums and trumpets". To fail is to be human. The real distinction is in how we fail. This saying means to go down gloriously, all guns blazing, or to go out with a bang.

We might say that someone is "not the sharpest pencil in the pack", and this is the German equivalent. Literally "he didn't exactly invent gunpowder", this is a good phrase to describe a friend when they do something a little on the stupid side! A masterpiece of German brevity and straight-forwardness. Perhaps the equivalent of "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword".

In other words: you have to stand by the consequences of your actions.

Flamming mic:

This idiom translates as "this is an argument over the emperor's beard". If you ever find yourself caught up in an argument with a German, and they resort to semantic arguments, or being ridiculously pedantic, this is the phrase to use.